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  • Spoiler alert. I'm in the CIA.

  • Are you joking with me right now?

  • Bottom line. Are you in, or you out?

  • Well, then I'm out.

  • Actually, you are already in.

  • Then why would you ask me?

  • Because I thought you would go "I'm in, Bob!" And we would've had a really cool moment.

  • But you kinda ruin the whole thing.

  • Take my gun, we may have to kill some people.

  • I would do no such thing.

  • I think you'll like it.

  • I will not!

  • I need your skill set, to save the entire free world.

  • You ready?

  • No!

  • Sweet! Let's go.

  • No, I said no!

  • I expressly remember saying that I was out.

  • I know, but I think you're in.

  • The smarter play is if we split up.

  • You know what happen when people split up, Bob? Somebody dies!

  • I got a plan.

  • It might get us both killed, but if it works it would be a totally Bob's story. Cool?

  • No! No, it's not cool.

  • Cool.

  • No, I said it's not cool.

  • You were the coolest kid in high school!

  • This is like a total transformation! You used to be Fat Robbin.

Spoiler alert. I'm in the CIA.

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A2 BEG US bob cool split cool cool skill set free world

Central Intelligence - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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    Jack Lu   posted on 2015/11/29
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