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  • Bucky.

  • Do you remember me?

  • Your mom's name is Sarah.

  • You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.

  • You're a wanted man.

  • I don't do that anymore.

  • Well, the people who think you did are coming right now.

  • And they're not planning on taking you alive.

  • Captain...

  • While a great many people see you as a hero,

  • There are some who prefer the word, "vigilante".

  • You're operated with unlimited power and no supervision.

  • That's something the world can no longer tolerate.

  • I know how much Bucky means to you.

  • Stay out of this one.

  • Please, you only make this worse.

  • They send you to arrest me?

  • There will be consequences.

  • Captain, you seem a little defensive.

  • Well, it's been a long day.

  • If we can't accept limitations, we're no better than the bad guys.

  • That's not the way I see it.

  • Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

  • I just want to make sure we're considered all our options.

  • These people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me too.

  • You know what's about to happen.

  • Do you really want to punch your way out of this?

  • What do we do?

  • We fight.

  • I'm sorry,Tony.

  • You know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice.

  • But he's my friend.

  • So was I.

  • Captain America : Civil War


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Captain America: Civil War - Trailer World Premiere

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