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  • Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!

  • As I said in previous videos, I'm not a big Manga fan

  • Even though I do know famous characters like

  • Spiderman or

  • Mickey Mouse!

  • But I have found it!


  • It's called Manga Zenkan

  • Manga Zenkan is a Japanese online shopping website where you can buy a looot of different manga

  • And today, I mean..a few weeks back

  • I got the chance to go to their office to check it out!

  • That place was literally heaven for any manga fan

  • There were soooo many books, A LOT OF BOOKS!!

  • From new books to old books to..

  • Foot Fetish??! WTF

  • There was a lot of choice!

  • Wow check out those artworks they're just awesome and..

  • OMG IT'S A CLOCK!!!!!

  • I particularly like this one for its....dynamic realism

  • One the website for some of the manga they give you the time it's gonna take to read it

  • They say that the manga "The Drifting Classroom" takes about 4 hours to read

  • With my amazing japanese skills, let's try to beat that!!

  • One thing that's really really cool with the website

  • is that you can buy the whole collection of a series

  • I'm definitely gonna buy that Foot Fetish one!

  • But the best thing about this website is that they send you the collection in a customized box with a drawing made by the artist!

  • Just like this box!

  • Here's a spaceship...

  • ....stars...

  • Nah I'm joking I drew that shit

  • All the manga are in Japanese, some can be bought in English

  • but as a souvenir, a present or even a collector's item

  • it's definitely worth the check!

  • They have a Japanese AND English website, so go check it out!

  • As for me I'll be seeing you really soon for another 2Min Japan video!! Bye bye!!

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!

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Hidden Manga Paradise!!

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