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  • Every so often, a news item will pop-up about some state's crazy sex laws. Whether it's

  • a blowjob ban in Baton Rogue or a sodomy sanction in Charlotte or a handjob hiatus in Hulamazoo-

  • you get the idea. And every time, I think, "they can't do that! ..Can they? Should I

  • not go to Hulamazoo?" Well.... Here's the deal.

  • Some states have laws governingcrimes against naturethat are meant to regulate

  • - and I quote, “unnatural carnal copulation by a human

  • with another of the same sex, opposite sex, or animal”. Those are the crazy sex laws.

  • They are both creepy and problematic, because what constitutes "unnatural" is totally up

  • to the state.

  • For example, Louisiana thinks it's unnatural for people to have oral sex, but

  • Kansas only thinks it's unnatural among same sex couples . Clearly there is no set answer

  • as to what is or isn't natural, and the states have the power to just decide whatever crazy

  • thing they want. That's the bad news. The good news is, none of those laws really matter.

  • In 2003 the supreme court ruled that your right to sexual privacy is protected under

  • the 14th amendment, so if what you're doing is between consenting adults and in private,

  • you're all set. So bang away, cause Hulamazoo can't do a damn thing about it.

  • Unless…. you're either married, in public, legally dead, or doing it with an animal.

  • Infidelity can legally be prosecuted, in some States. In 1983, for example,

  • a Massachusetts woman got fined $50 for cheating on her husband. But not all states have the

  • power to do that, and even ones that have that law on the books are extremely unlikely

  • to enforce it.

  • Sex in public is banned everywhere we know of, but what constitutes public? Can I just

  • bang it out on my front lawn as long as no one's looking? And what about orgies? How

  • many people does it take to make something public?

  • For dead people and animals it gets even weirder. Most states

  • don't have laws about the actual act of sleeping with a dead person or an animal.

  • Instead, they have laws about digging up bodies and about animal cruelty, but none involving

  • actual sex.

  • It's all about consent. And no one really knows what an animal can or cannot consent

  • to, or what would happen if a dead person consented before passing away.

  • I'm not saying you should do any of these things, - quite the opposite, in fact - I’m

  • just saying that regulating people’s sex lives is difficult, even when youre talking

  • about something that seems straight forward, like not sleeping with dead people.

Every so often, a news item will pop-up about some state's crazy sex laws. Whether it's

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Can The Government Regulate Your Sex Life?

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    羅紹桀   posted on 2015/11/07
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