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  • what we have not learned in our western societies,

  • is there's some value, in fact even virtue

  • to cultivating this deep aspects of our own being

  • and since 1979, when I set up the stress reduction clinic

  • at the University Massachusetts Medical Center

  • we've had over 16,000 medical patients

  • come through our training program

  • what we call mindfulness-based stress reduction

  • referred by their physicians for the most part,

  • and with wide range of different kinds of health-related problems

  • mostly on the physical side rather than mental health problems

  • because I have been a professor of medicine,

  • and function within the department medicine, has do my colleagues

  • I'm actually retired from the Medical Center now

  • but still doing the exact same work, and doing it with my colleagues

  • at the center for mindfulness, who are running the stress reduction clinic

  • and a whole range of other research endeavors and outreach endeavors

  • which are really, truly magnificent

  • and I am involved in training a wide range of health professionals, and physicians

  • in mindfulness-based stress reduction with my colleague

  • and friend doctor Saki Santorelli and

  • we do these through the Omega Institute

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介

what we have not learned in our western societies,

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0205-正念減壓的身心醫學-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Mind Body Medicine Jon Kabat Zinn--英文字幕

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