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  • Hey!

  • How are you doing today, all my rubber plums?

  • Don't ask me what a rubber plum is, my dad invented the word and his Swedish is quite bad, so...

  • Just leaving it there.

  • You might've noticed that in my last video, I stood in a different kitchen

  • in a dark and miserable apartment,

  • but hey, it's not a miserable apartment -

  • it's MY apartment!


  • That was a lamp.

  • I've moved! I've got an apartment!

  • I can for the first time ever relate to Swedish singer Veronica Maggio!

  • ... first floor.

  • If we know each other well and you're not annoying.

  • True, and all of them are mine.

  • NOOO no smoking inside! Also, I think the fan's broken, so that's not a good idea.

  • Sure enough.

  • If you by "the whole world" mean these 49 square metres, then yes, correct, they are mine.

  • And I no longer need to stand in the kitchen, rushing a shoot because of the

  • only winter daylight that occurs between like 11.00-11.30am

  • because I've bought a pair of studio lights!

  • Tadaa, look at my face.

  • Like a pro.

  • Professional money spender.

  • I live alone in a two-room flat and the first thing I buy is studio lights for 1500 SEK, take my money

  • I don't know if I should do an apartment tour. I don't know. Should I?

  • I'll show you real quick how things look in here.

  • This is where the magic happens...

  • Seriously, I'm sleeping with a lot of people (lol) (no)

  • Yeah, that's about it.

  • And that was my apartment!

  • pArTy

  • DO... you... know what I'm doing on Friday?

  • No, you don't, stop lying.

  • I'm going to the ELLE Style Awards.

  • ELLE. ELLE!?!

  • Which is synonymous with "FASHION"

  • Clara Henry is going.

  • Clara Henry, which is synonymous with:

  • "sometimes I wear both shorts and woolen socks because I can't decide if I'm warm or cold"

  • I mean I don't know what you're thinking, but I feel like...

  • ... culture clash..?

  • But I think it's gonna be fun anyway. It's such a huge gala..?!

  • Which gives me body anxiety, just the thought of it.

  • Sweet. That's how you know you're alive.

  • I thought I'd show you what Im gonna wear but I forgot it in my bedroom, so..

  • .. one, two, three, CUT

  • You suck, Clara, you were supposed to cut there!

  • Duhhhh stop whining.


  • And... it's January.

  • I don't know if it's fashion enough, though.

  • Probably not. I don't know anything about stuff like this. I have no clue.

  • I've got two questions. One: will I get kicked out if I'm not fashionable enough?

  • And two: will there be a goodiebag?

  • Because if there will, count me in.

  • I'll take the risk of appearing in next week's tabloids under the headline:

  • "Worst outfits at the ELLE Style Awards - we've got the pictures!"

  • But do you know what, tabloids?

  • YOU are the worst!!1!

  • Ooohhhhh! Mhm, unprovoked internet hatred.

  • Suck on it.

  • Come at me... please don't, I hate being in the tabloids, please don't write about me any more

  • Is it just me, or do I look quite gangsta in these pigtails?

  • Ah, as I thought, it was just me. DANG IT

  • shiiiit - Shiiiiit - SHIIIIIIT

  • I want to be able to sing in harmonies with myself!!!

  • Hey Linnea [on the poster]. What's up? I'm good thanks. Bye.

  • Well, this turned into a vlog-diary-life-update.

  • I hope you liked it, wish me luck on the ELLE gala, thanks a lot,

  • and I'll see you all next Monday. Bye!


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