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  • george soros this is why i brought this up in the first place

  • he pleaded itu

  • love this month

  • so there cause loser operetta matters wanted by george soros drawers or the you know it's

  • worth it

  • well op i had never given a diana media matters there you know what it is rare that value

  • again as well but so you know what i'm doing

  • for the million dollar to the media that happy now plots what happened outbox which he talks

  • victim doing onion family reggae recibi abend i'd give it a shot to happens coming here

  • was media matters yeah i love it

  • right and he said work

  • you know what this is one of our mission again call me i'm not

  • that's how you know well but i'll show you change ok hello to bring this thing right

  • by the way so boxes attacks george soros has said

  • you know what a lot of money that way

  • inferred million dollars to human rights group

  • a human rights group that doesn't lowers taxes that doesn't get rid of regulation that doesn't

  • make them more money you know what it does helps human beings across the world fight

  • for their rights

  • he uh... stars and the guy who fought against communism in the first place with a price

  • he spent his money trying to be the communists

  • and i try to help people across the world of course boxes like

  • if probe

  • well you're there from outside the country and he's an american citizen that hoops fares

  • yeah it's ferraro's dried up tell people this bechtel

george soros this is why i brought this up in the first place

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B1 INT US soros george money human bechtel american citizen

Fox News Vs George Soros

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