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  • Would You Be Straight?

  • - I identify as gay.

  • - I'm bisexual.

  • - I'm as gay as they come.

  • - Uh, pansexual.

  • - Lesbian.

  • - I identify as a gay man.

  • - A bisexual female.

  • - Fabulously, ferocious, gay man.

  • Would your life be easier if you were straight?

  • - Oh yeah, my life would totally be easier

  • if I were straight.

  • - It depends on how you look at it I feel like.

  • - Growing up it probably would've been a lot easier understanding my own body and what was going on in my own head.

  • - It's really hard as a young kid

  • because you know, people wanna make fun of you, or people wanna beat you up just because you're different, or you talk differently.

  • - If I go back home to North Carolina and I had a girl with me I have to watch about what I do and say.

  • - You know in high school I wanted to take a guy to the prom

  • and I couldn't do that.

  • - It's hard enough being a person of color

  • and I think not being straight is another level of of privilege that I don't have.

  • - We as gay people have to go to gay-themed events,

  • gay bars, gay clubs,

  • whereas a straight could even just go to the grocery store and find someone.

  • - My life has become a lot easier now that I've kind of just accepted who I am and not giving a shit about what anybody thinks.

  • - More than my life being easy

  • I mostly just think about my family's life being easier.

  • - It's really not the easiest life.

  • If you could be straight, would you?

  • - I would not be straight if I could be.

  • - God no.

  • - Nah.

  • I tried to be straight once, it lasted about two months.

  • - I wouldn't be straight.

  • - No, because I think the world has gotten to a more accepting place.

  • - No I would never turn straight if I could.

  • - No, I'm very comfortable in my own skin,

  • I don't wanna turn straight, I don't wanna be straight,

  • I wanna be gay the way I am.

  • - I love being gay, I love being

  • you know, this flamboyant person.

  • I love enjoying life and grabbing life by the balls.

  • - Not being straight is awesome.

  • - I live in this beautiful limbo that I've created for myself.

  • - I've come out on the other side of this dark tunnel that all the gays go through,

  • but I can see why people would want to.

  • - As a Christian too, I believe I'm the way I am for a reason.

  • - I think if I hadn't had those experiences

  • I wouldn't be who I am today.

  • - To even think about that would just be disregarding all of the hard work I put into myself.

  • - Have you ever been to a gay bar?

  • If you haven't, you need to go.

  • Straight bars are so boring.

  • - I feel like if I grew up not having to question these things,

  • I would not be as compassionate of a person, or as educated of a person.

Would You Be Straight?

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If You Could Be Straight, Would You?

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    Vivi Lee posted on 2015/10/19
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