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  • If you're choosing to rent a self-contained camper van,

  • sooner or later, you're going to need

  • to know how to use a dump station.

  • A dump station is a special drain for emptying

  • your on-board toilet, and also your grey water-- that is,

  • the water from your on-board shower and sink,

  • if you have one.

  • They can be identified with this blue sign

  • and can be located using the free CamperMate app.

  • Normally, there will be a metal cover, which you lift up.

  • This will expose two drains.

  • The one with the lid is for your toilet cassette.

  • The other is for the grey water.

  • You may also encounter just one drain at a dump station.

  • This is universal and means you can put both the toilet

  • cassette and the grey water down.

  • Removing the cassette is simple.

  • It's a good idea to keep some hand

  • sanitizer or disposable gloves on board.

  • If you're travelling in a smaller camper van,

  • you may have a camping toilet on board like this one.

  • Empty the cassette down the drain

  • and press the button to allow some air in.

  • When you're done, rinse your cassette with water

  • and add the special chemical from a bottle or the tablet,

  • with two cups of water.

  • Emptying the grey water is also simple.

  • Just attach the hose to your outlet and turn on the lever,

  • draining the contents into the grey water drain.

  • Most water available at dump stations

  • is not safe for drinking.

  • Only fill up your water tank if you

  • see a sign for drinking water.

  • When you're finished, make sure you hose the dump station down

  • so it's clean and tidy for the next person.

  • If you're coming to New Zealand, make

  • sure you download the free CamperMate

  • app to find nearby petrol stations, supermarkets,

  • real-time road warnings, free Wi-Fi, and pretty

  • much everything you need when you're on the road.

  • Thanks for watching.

If you're choosing to rent a self-contained camper van,

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How to use a RV/campervan dump station in New Zealand

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