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  • For the 2016 fiscal year, President Obama officially proposed a $14 Billion dollar budget

  • dedicated to protecting the government from cyber crime. Recently, there have been massive

  • data breaches from many large companies. So, who are these hackers, and what are they doing

  • with the stolen data?

  • Computer hackers are people who use their computer coding knowledge to bypass security

  • measures on other machines or websites. There are many reasons why they choose to hack,

  • but oftentimes, it’s for profit.  Experts suggest that there arerobust economies

  • in places like Eastern Europe for stolen information. Social security numbers, credit card numbers

  • and addresses are the most sought after information on the black market. According to the RAND

  • report on cybercrime, “the black market can be more profitable than the illegal drug

  • trade”. Research shows that retail stores and social media are even more targeted today

  • than banks. Some of the largest security breaches recently have affected household names in

  • merchandise suppliers and online sharing websites.

  • There is also cyber espionage. In 2014, the FBI confirmed that China topped the list as

  • the most prolific hacker-nation. The Chinese government targeted American information systems

  • and trade secrets, which they then used to their own economic advantage. In a landmark

  • case in May 2014, the US formally charged five Chinese military hackers with cyber espionage.

  • President Obama has called the cyber threatone of the most serious economic and national

  • security challenges we face as a nation.” At the top of theFBI-Cyber’s Most Wanted

  • Listare men and women from Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and even the United States.

  • The top criminal, who posted fake ads online for cars that never existed managed to make

  • 3 million dollars before the FBI shut down his operation. He’s currently wanted for

  • 1 million dollars.

  • A report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, or CSIS, claims that

  • cybercrime costs the global economy more than 400 billion dollars annually. The United States

  • is one of the most targeted countries. The CSIS also estimates that 200,000 American

  • jobs are lost every year because of criminal hacking.

  • There are way more Americans on terrorist watchlists than you might think, but do these

  • lists actually work how theyre supposed to? Check out this video to learn all about it.

For the 2016 fiscal year, President Obama officially proposed a $14 Billion dollar budget

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What Hackers Really Want With Your Data

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