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  • Silence shared in words

  • presents

  • I Am the Rich Man’s Guru

  • There is a perception that you and your religious following are extremely wealthy.

  • My people

  • are rich.

  • In fact, only the very rich,

  • educated, intelligent,

  • cultured

  • can understand what I am saying.

  • Beggars cannot come to me,

  • poor people cannot come to me;

  • the gap is too big.

  • They can hear me but they cannot understand me.

  • So it is natural:

  • I am the rich man’s guru.

  • Isn’t that a contradiction with the traditional

  • perception of a life of austerity led by religious leaders and ascetics?

  • I simply think those traditions just rubbish.

  • There is no question of contradiction;

  • I am simply against them.

  • I don’t want to be consistent with them,

  • I want to drop all connections with the past.

  • They have done enough harm.

  • My

  • conception of a beautiful,

  • flowering being

  • is not that of austerity, it is of luxury.

  • He will enjoy all that is beautiful in the world

  • great paintings, great music, poetry.

  • I don’t conceive of him standing on his head in the hot sun of Oregon,

  • fasting,

  • slowly destroying himself.

  • To me, all religions of the world up to now

  • have been sadomasochistic.

  • My religion is, for the first time, life-affirming.

  • One thing I think people on the outside

  • remember about you

  • when they read stories or see you on television

  • is the fact that you own so many, or have so many Rolls Royces. Why is that?

  • How many?

  • Eighty?

  • No.

  • Forty?

  • Ninety.

  • And they are not so many.

  • For me there is nothing

  • Why do you need ninety?

  • I don’t need even a single one.

  • And they don’t belong to me, either.

  • But my people want,

  • they 365, one for every day. And I go for a drive only for one hour.

  • But if my people want it, if they are happy and rejoice doing it,

  • I don’t want to destroy their joy.

  • It is perfectly okay.

  • Couldn’t you tell them to give their money for something else, other than for Rolls Royces?

  • All other religions are doing that. Let them do that as their work, let me do my work.

  • All other religions are looking after the poor. At least leave me alone to look after the rich.

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Silence shared in words

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OSHO: I Am the Rich Man's Guru

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