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  • This is the loveliest walk we've taken that

  • I can remember!

  • Isn't it, Mickey?

  • It's the only walk we've taken that

  • I can remember.

  • Which makes it the loveliest.


  • I guess I'm getting a little bit hungry.

  • No problem, Minnie!

  • Just the way you like it!

  • Extra mustard!

  • Oh, I got it!

  • Gotcha! (WAILING)

  • Oh, I'm sorry.


  • Hot dog! (CHUCKLING)


  • And what would you say this purse snatcher

  • looked like, ma'am?

  • He was pink and delicious!

  • And he went that-a-way!

  • (FLIES BUZZING) Ah, I fold.

  • Too rich for my blood.

  • Anyone else playin'?

  • Looks like Weenie's all in.




  • Now where did he go?


  • Oh!

  • Your hot dog, my lady!

  • Oh, Mickey! You're the greatest!


  • OFFICER: Hold it right there!

  • Are you sure this is the purse-snatcher, ma'am?

  • Of course!

  • I'd recognize that dirty dog anywhere!

  • Oh, wait... No. I...

  • This mouse is a hero!


  • Free hot dogs all around!

This is the loveliest walk we've taken that

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New York Weenie | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

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