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  • What's up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM.

  • So let me set the stage here for you. Maybe a long time ago someone gave you a Barbell

  • set but you don't know what to do with it,

  • because you want to work your Chest but you don't have a Bench to go with it.

  • Well today I'm going to cure your problems because I'm going to show you 3 exercises

  • that you can do to build a bigger Chest without needing a Bench and all you need is a Barbell.

  • Alright, so I'm going to take you through each one. I'll walk you through why I like

  • each one of these exercises and exactly how you should be doing them.

  • Ok so first up, who knew you could be do Incline Presses with a Barbell stuck in the corner

  • of a room.

  • And notice, the Barbell will be stuck in the corner of the room for all 3 of these exercises.

  • It's very very simple to do. Just take a drop cloth, something that you're not going to

  • ruin your walls with, stick it in the corner, stick your Barbell on top of that,

  • and now you've got the perfect Landmine setup to do these 3 exercises.

  • The Barbell Incline Press here is great because not only is the natural arc of the Barbell

  • going to be more favoring an Incline just because of the corner it's stuck in,

  • but it also gives us a shot to change that just a little bit more by altering the position

  • of our feet.

  • And you can see I start off in a Split Stance position or a Lunge position.

  • When I'm in this Lunge position,

  • I drop the leg back on the same side that I'm going to be pressing.

  • This allows me to angle my body back just a little bit more, just enough to get about

  • a 60 degree incline to do the perfect Incline Dumbbell Press. Now here done with a Barbell

  • on one side.

  • Next up is one of the craziest and best exercises I've found for training your Chest, especially

  • when you lack a Cable Crossover machine at home.

  • You guys know how I feel about Flys, well we still need to adduct our Arms to get full

  • Chest contraction.

  • That Cavaliere Crossover that you guys called it after I came up with the Dumbbell version,

  • actually is trumped by this Barbell version.

  • Because we not only get a nice smooth adduction at the Shoulder here which is going to get

  • our Chest going,

  • but it also allows us to do a little bit of a lift as well so we get this upper inner

  • movement that you get here from this Barbell Arc.

  • It's really smooth, it feel great and above all, it gets a really good contraction of

  • the Chest, right where you need it the most.

  • Finally one of my favorites here, it's Crush Grip Pushup.

  • And the only way we really have an opportunity to do this is with a Barbell.

  • You've got to put a plate on the end to get the Barbell off the ground.

  • And then from there all we're trying to do is actually Crush the Barbell between our

  • hands which is going to activate the Chest in the middle,

  • again getting more of that horizontal adduction which is a great component of a fully contracted

  • Chest,

  • a necessary component of a fully contracted Chest.

  • We're going to go down into a Pushup, let our elbows flare out to the sides, and as

  • we come up we're trying to squeeze,

  • almost as if we have hedge clippers in our hands, I want you to have that same feeling

  • of squeezing on every single rep.

  • Very hard to duplicate this in any other version of the Pushup because your hands usually stay

  • fixed somewhere towards the outside.

  • But now because they're hand over hand, you can see the grip that I'm using here, with

  • this hand over hand grip

  • we're now able to kind of recreate that same contraction on the inner Chest as we come

  • up and to the top.

  • So another really cool exercise and a way to actually train our Chest with a Barbell

  • we may never have thought of before.

  • So there you have it guys.

  • There are 3 exercises that you can do with that Barbell that you never thought you could,

  • to start training your Chest.

  • You don't necessarily need a Bench. Do you want to incorporate Bench Press for your chest?

  • Absolutely, if you have access to one, you've got to start bringing those into your workouts

  • as well.

  • But if you don't and you're at a loss for what else to do?

  • Pushups alone aren't going to cut it.

  • Start incorporating these 3 exercises into your home workouts and I guaranteed you're

  • going to start seeing better results.

  • Guys there's never an excuse here not to train with ATHLEANX.

  • We've overcome the excuses by providing you with plenty of options to get your work done.

  • If you're looking for a program that leaves no excuses and leaves no stone unturned,

  • Head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get our ATHLEANX Training System.

  • In the meantime if you found this video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs

  • up below.

  • When you try these exercises, I want to hear your feedback too.

  • I'm sure you're going to find a contraction that you maybe haven't felt in a long time

  • with especially a couple of these.

  • I'll see you back here again in just a couple days.

What's up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM.

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3 Chest Exercises You’ve NEVER Done! (CHEST WORKOUT)

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