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  • Hey guys, today we have a very special video

  • we are at Studio Shimomura

  • and we are taking a Seijin-Shiki picture or a coming-of-age-day picture for my sister, Katrina!

  • Lets go!

  • As you can see from their menu, they offer a variety of packages all for a very reasonable price.

  • They do all sorts of photos from the Japanese traditional 7, 5, 3 Day, Coming of Age Day, Weddings and many more.

  • Here is the lounge and entrance where you can pick the photo package you want.

  • For around 20,000 yen, they will do your hair, makeup and let you keep two poses out of all of the pictures taken.

  • Once you decide what you want, its time to pick the kimono you want to try on.

  • This part took quite some time as this book was filled with different designs.

  • However, diving the pages by the main color of the kimono did help narrow down our search.

  • I just chose 3 kimonos and now I am going to try them on.

  • Now it was time to try on the kimonos and see what they looked like on my sister and mom.

  • The staff helped to quickly put it on without the sash at first to see which one they wanted to wear during the photo shoot.

  • My sister and mom could only choose one each so the decision was a very hard one to make.

  • After trying the kimonos on, the staff showed us all of the different poses that the photographer will take pictures of.

  • This way we can get a better idea of what our pictures may look like.

  • Now its the hair and makeup time which I wasn't allowed to document.

  • After about an hour and a half, here is my mom showing off her finished look.

  • Her hair was done very nicely and looked fabulous.

  • I got permission but usually photos and videos are not allowed in the studio.

  • My sister took a little longer with her preparation so we met her in the studio.

  • As you can see, her hair looked gorgeous as well.

  • I especially loved that flower in her hair!

  • Because my sister wanted to take a picture for her Coming of Age Day,

  • which is a Japanese tradition for when both girls and boys turn 20 years old,

  • her kimono was a little bit more sophisticated for the occasion.

  • After the photo shoot, it was time for my sister and mother to choose the photos they liked.

  • My sister chose 4 individual poses and my mom chose 2 poses taken with my sister.

  • Hi guys! I just finished here at Studio Shimomura

  • and as you guys just saw, I chose 4 pictures of just myself and 2 pictures with me and my mom.

  • It was so fun! And as you can see, I kept my hair in because it is so beautiful.

  • So if guys want to do this, I really recommend it because it is really fun.

  • so once you are 20, come here!

  • So since Chris is filming me right now, I am going to do his outro.

  • Please like, comment share and subscribe. See you guys next time!

Hey guys, today we have a very special video

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Japanese Kimono Photoshoot

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    Chris Okano posted on 2015/11/08
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