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  • Tyler: Literally, millions of lives have been changed all throughout the world through one for

  • one programs with shoes, and with glasses. But here at TIMS, we're on the lookout for what's

  • next in the world of one for one.

  • Tripp: And what we found is that in rural parts of Africa, there is this one need that most people

  • don't even know about, and we have a solution.

  • Tyler: Which is why we're excited to announce today the next chapter in our one for one line.

  • Ready?

  • Tyler and Tripp: Smoothie machines.

  • Tyler: It's so simple. You buy one $600 smoothie machine someone in Africa gets a $600

  • smoothie machine.

  • Tripp: Who doesn't have $600 lying around?

  • Tyler: Right off the bat, they may not understand how much they need this product, but give it a

  • little bit of time, and i think that they're clearly going to see how much use they get of this every

  • day.

  • Tripp: They'll figure it out.

  • Michelle Reynolds: We don't go into a community without knowing exactly what their needs

  • are.

  • Dr. Pranab Karadkar: Out of the hundreds of smoothie franchise available, they found it in

  • rural Africa there are exactly zero.

  • Michelle Reynolds: Just they lit up when they saw this smoothie machine. And I just felt like we

  • brought them something so important that they'll cherish forever.

  • Tyler: I'll never forget how this thing started. Tripp and I were on a mission trip over in Africa,

  • and we're on a break during one of the projects we were doing. And I asked a lady, I said, "Hey

  • where can I get a smoothie?" I'll never forget it, she said, "What's a smoothie?" And I think we

  • knew at that moment what our calling was.

  • Tripp: I dare you to move. I dare you to breathe.

  • Dr. Pranab Karadkar: Once you've given them these smoothie machines, all that is left is for

  • us to find a way to give them milk, ice and fresh fruit.

  • Tyler: I think they can make ice.

  • Tripp: Yeah, it's just water.

  • Tyler: It's just water, yeah.

  • Tripp: And most people in Africa have water right? Right?

  • Male: #[foreign language]

  • Tripp: And we're not stopping here. Pretty soon, TIMS is going to be releasing one for one ab

  • rockers.

  • Tyler: One for one iPhone car chargers.

  • Tripp: One for one Thomas Kinkade paintings.

  • Tyler: And one for one Pittsburgh Pirates season tickets.

  • Tripp: So obviously, we're very excited about this new opportunity. And we feel like together,

  • could revolutionize Africa one wild berry mango splash at a time.

  • Tyler: It's our hope that you join with us, and help us make this year the year that we blend out

  • poverty once and for all.

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Tyler: Literally, millions of lives have been changed all throughout the world through one for

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TIMS -- A Revolutionary New One for One Campaign

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