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  • I am a goddess.

  • I am a lion.

  • I am exhausted.

  • Seriously, why do I do this to myself?

  • (Thoughts you have while working out)

  • Is this even doing anything?

  • I'd better look like Michelle Obama when I'm done with this.

  • Don't die.

  • Don't die.

  • Don't die.

  • Woah, this isn't so bad.

  • I lied. It's bad.

  • I don't wanna.

  • Ugh, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna.

  • Do it for Beyonce.

  • You are a queen.

  • You are a queen.

  • You are a queen.

  • You are a queen.

  • Who am I kidding; this is terrible.

  • Girl, if you do this, you'll get pizza tomorrow.

  • What even are crunches?

  • Oh my God, if I ever meet the guy who invented the crunch, I'm gonna punch him in the face.

  • Do I really need to be in shape?

  • What is shape?

  • Technically I am a shape.

  • I'm hungry.

  • I wish I were dead.

  • Ugh, I just wanna sleep.

  • Better idea.

  • It's important to treat yourself.

  • I'm treating myself to some chips.

  • Whatever, I'll just work out later.

  • Are you serious?

  • You change...

  • Ashley, Ashley

  • You know what!

  • - Ain't you.

  • Ashley!

I am a goddess.

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Thoughts You Have While Working Out

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    Vivi Lee posted on 2015/09/01
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