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  • This is the story of the 7 girls that I've dated.

  • This is you.

  • Okay, well, actually this is me.

  • But imagine that it's you. I am you, get it?

  • Okay, cool. Let's move on.

  • It all started with Monday.

  • Like always Monday hits you like a stack of bricks.

  • "Huge" was an understatement for her personality.

  • You probably dated her early on, like, maybe high school.

  • Ultimately she tried to fix you.

  • She was too focused on the future.

  • Have you submitted your college applications yet?

  • What are your career goals?

  • I want to get married after college.

  • And then you met, her.

  • Uhhh, her name is blinking on me. Let's just move on.

  • After that girl, you decided to try to mix it up.

  • You pretended to like slam poetry and vegan bacon.

  • This is Wednesday.

  • Wednesday gives you the urge to start anew.

  • But at the end of the day, what is she talking about?

  • That tree is no longer because of you.

  • You'll never understand poetry.

  • Next came Thursday.

  • She got you back on track.

  • Yeah, Thursday was pretty and fun.

  • But it felt like a filler.

  • You had things you loved about her, sure.

  • But it felt like a routine.

  • And it always felt like you were waiting for something else.

  • It always felt like you had to work at it.

  • Friday was a perfect ten.

  • Pretty much the dream.

  • She was a payday.

  • You felt free with Friday.

  • But then, Friday got a little crazy.

  • (Round 3)

  • You couldn't keep up with Friday.

  • It ended with tears and vomit.

  • Gross.

  • After you recover from Friday,

  • You met Saturday.

  • Aren't we all just racing through Monday to Friday, in hopes that we can finally meet Saturday?

  • Saturday was fun and exciting.

  • She was different than any other girl you've been with.

  • You fell in love with Saturday.

  • - So here we go. - I know... I know how to do this.

  • But sometimes, Saturdays don't always work out.

  • You have plans and hopes for Saturday, but at the end of the day you look back and realize maybe Saturday was a little disappointing.

  • Maybe Saturday wasn't everything that you wanted it to be.

  • Saturday broke your heart.

  • And that happens, but I promise for every Saturday you face, there will be a Sunday.

  • You know when you meet someone, and then suddenly everything makes sense.

  • That's Sunday.

  • You can be yourself around Sunday.

  • Sundays help you reflect and be thankful for the journey you've been on.

  • With Sunday, things are just easy.

  • Sundays are peaceful.

  • Sundays help you become a better person.

  • I think eveyone could use a Sunday.

  • Maybe things didn't work out with all the other girls.

  • But you wouldn't change that for anything.

  • The path to love is a journey.

  • Sometimes it can suck.

  • But it helps become the person you are today.

  • Ohhhhhh, Tuesday!

  • How did I forget about Tuesday, your name is Tuesday!

  • Well, Tuesday is not that memorable.

This is the story of the 7 girls that I've dated.

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The 7 Types Of Girls You Date

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