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  • - You know, one of the nice things about having this show

  • is that it gives me a platform to talk about important issues

  • that I want to talk about.

  • Kindness and equal rights and baby goats.

  • And today I want to talk about another important issue.

  • This know the phrase "no pun intended?"

  • It's supposed to mean you just said something funny

  • by accident.

  • Well, you know, like,

  • "The pilot's career was taking off.

  • No pun intended." Something like that.

  • Or "John Travolta gave a touching introduction

  • at the Oscars. No pun intended."

  • And I noticed a lot of people are using it

  • when they say something funny on purpose.

  • And that's--that's wrong, and damn it,

  • I'm not gonna take it anymore.

  • So it's time for another installment of my segment

  • You're Doing It Wrong, by Ellen DeGeneres.

  • [upbeat music]

  • - It's an exciting summer program

  • giving kids a good look into the field of archeology,

  • right in our own backyard in Maryland.

  • - Holly is out to get the scoop.

  • [laughs] No pun intended, really.

  • She joins us live from Historic St. Mary's City.

  • Holly, do you see why that's funny?

  • - Interest in a new marijuana tax

  • appears to be at a new high.

  • No pun intended.

  • - Dan, you say, you know, sort of no pun intended,

  • it's high time that this happened.

  • - I thought it was high time, no pun intended,

  • for this to be on the table.

  • I'm trying to beat everybody to the punch with the jokes

  • because I get a lot.

  • - A Florida man reportedly refuses to admit that crack--

  • no pun intended, cocaine--

  • found hidden inside his buttocks...

  • - I think I told Tony I was painting him,

  • and he kind of brushed it off, so to speak.

  • [laughter]

  • - No art pun intended there?

  • - There--that was an art pun.

  • [upbeat music]

  • [laughter and applause]

  • - Oh.

- You know, one of the nice things about having this show

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You're Doing It Wrong... No Pun Intended

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