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  • Retirement is an on-going relentless effort in creativity,

  • I've tried yoga, learned to cook, bought some plants, took classes in Mandarin, believe me I've tried everything.

  • I just know there is a hole in my life and I need to fill it, soon.

  • I'm Ben Whittaker, I have an appointment with Ms. Ostin.

  • I thought she's meeting with her new intern.

  • That's me.

  • How old are you?

  • Seventy. You?

  • I'm 24.

  • I know I look older, it's the job, it ages you which won't be great in your case.

  • Sorry.

  • Hi, Jules. I'm Ben, your new intern.

  • I'm glad you also see the humor in this.

  • Be hard not to.

  • Don't feel like you have to dress up.

  • I'm comfortable in this suit if it's okay.

  • Old school.

  • At least I'll stand out.

  • I don't think that you need a suit to do that.

  • You want the door open or close?

  • Doesn't matter.

  • Open, actually.

  • You'll get used to me.

  • Look forward to it.

  • The intern sure keeps busy.

  • Mr. Congeniality, everybody loves him.

  • Here she comes.

  • Hey, Beth. What's up? You look really nice in...

  • How long can a woman be mad at you for?

  • I assume you talk to her, apologize.

  • I e-mailed her, subject line I wrote, "I'm sorry."

  • with like a ton of "O"s, so it was like "I'm sooorrryyyyy."

  • with the sad emoticon where he's crying.

  • Our investors just think that a seasoned CEO could take some things off your plate.

  • I did not see that coming.

  • She's just trying to do right by everybody

  • The company, the family.

  • The pressure is unbelievable.

  • You started this business all by yourself a year and half ago.

  • And now you have a staff of 220 people.

  • Remember who did that.

  • Good times!

  • The truth is to me that you makes me feel calm, more centered or something.

  • I could use that, obviously.

  • How in one generation have men gone from guys like Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford to...

  • Oh, boy.

  • I'm Fiona, the house masseuse.

  • Love that there's another oldie but goodie here.

  • How's that, Ben? Wow, that's... that's...

  • (Here you go.)

  • Hahaha!

  • You are not as old as I thought you were.

Retirement is an on-going relentless effort in creativity,

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The Intern - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

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