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  • GNE 6: "How to Get Fluent English -- The 3 Fastest

  • Ways"

  • Gabby: Hey there! I'm Gabby Wallace. And this is a "Go Natural English Lesson". In this

  • video, you are going to learn three points that will bring you closer to fluency in the

  • English Language. You're gonna (going to) learn how to speak more like a native speaker

  • in English. And in this video, we're going to talk about

  • how you can get there. Fluency is all about understanding what other English speakers

  • are saying and being understood by them. So let's get started. And if you wanna (want

  • to) find out more about my Online English Classes, you can come to

  • So "Top Three Tips" here. No. 1: I'm sorry, but you're going to have to forget everything

  • you learned in school. English class is often where you learn how to memorize, kind of random

  • information. I've taken a lot of Language Classes. I took Spanish Class for years before

  • I could actually speak Spanish. Why didn't it work? Because I had to memorize

  • verb conjugations. I don't want you to memorize. I want you to look for patterns. I've taken

  • Japanese Classes where the first thing the teacher made us learn was not useful. It was

  • all the different ways to say the numbers on the calendar. Well, I don't talk about

  • numbers on the calendar on a daily basis. So it wasn't helpful. What I want you to do

  • is to throw out your text book. What I want you to do instead is "Tip No. 2". I want you

  • to focus on patterns. Okay. I want you to listen to a lot of English.

  • I want you to read a lot of English. And I want you to focus on the patterns. What do

  • you notice? What do you notice in grammar, in vocabulary, in the way people speak? What

  • do you notice in the words that people use, the phrases that they use and most importantly,

  • for speaking and pronunciation? What are the patterns in the way people speak? Do you hear

  • how some words I'm saying are stronger and some words are weaker? Some words I speak

  • more loudly and some words I say more quietly. This is a pattern.

  • English is like a song. It has a beat. Even as I speak now, you can hear the beat. That

  • is a pattern. And the beat, the musicality of English, is the most important point that

  • will help you to be understood and also for you to understand other English speakers.

  • So I want you to pay attention to patterns. And if you like music, I want you to think

  • about English as a song that you're learning the beat to. Okay?

  • Finally, the "Third Tip" is I want you to, as you pay attention to these patterns, I

  • want you to copy phrases that you hear. I want you to copy phrases and I want you to

  • copy patterns that you hear, the way that people say the phrases and the words that

  • you want to copy. I want you to copy them mentally. I want you to note how native speakers

  • and fluent English speakers say these words and phrases. Copy them mentally and then say

  • them as soon as possible. I want you to say what you learn in English, because the more

  • you use it, the more likely it is that you will remember it. And the more practice you

  • get, the more feedback you'll get. You'll be able to see if people are understanding

  • you or not. Okay. So those are my "Three Tips" to get you speaking

  • more like a native speaker in English. 1) Forget what you learned in school. 2) Look

  • for patterns, and 3) Copy and say what you've copied mentally as soon as possible.

  • Go out there and find someone to practice with.

  • Leave me a comment on this video. You can tell me what you think. You can copy something

  • I said. Just leave me a comment and don't forget to subscribe to "Go Natural English"

  • on YouTube. Thanks for watching and come visit me at my

  • website: All right. Bye for now.

  • ************************************************************************ Thank you for being a wonderful part of the

  • Go Natural English community. Come back to, share your comments,

  • and find more English learning resources! Go Natural English Your Notes:

  • Gabby Wallace, M.Ed TESOL

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GNE 6: "How to Get Fluent English -- The 3 Fastest

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