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  • This week, we're happy to introduce the newest member of the NET team.

  • My Brother Tom.

  • Tom's gonna do this week's lesson I'm leaving you in good hands.

  • This week, we're gonna talk about something

  • I've seen people have problems with.

  • In the U.S., we have some very specific bar vocabulary

  • that you might not know.

  • Here's an example:

  • We found Mr Cool wandering the streets of Peniche, Portugal.

  • These are some very common mistakes when ordering drinks in a bar.

  • What can I getcha? Hello How are you? Good. What can I getcha?

  • When you reach the bar, the bartender will say something like:

  • Which means "What can I get for you?"

  • ehhh, beer!

  • beer.

  • In the U.S.,

  • it's polite like to say:

  • Instead of just: "Beer." or "Vodka."

  • That's a little rude.

  • Bottle or Draft? uh, beer!

  • If you're ordering a beer,

  • the bartender will ask:

  • "Draft" means from the tap.

  • If you go to the bar and just "Vodka" or "Whiskey," they'll probably give you a shot.

  • To drink - Whiskey! Ok! Cocktail or Shot?

  • When you're ordering a mixed drink like vodka & OJ or vodka & cranberry.

  • In the US, we call that a cocktail

  • Neat or On the Rocks?

  • UhÉ what means? Ice or No Ice?

  • There are two basic ways to get a cocktail with ice or no ice.

  • If you want a cocktail with ice, you say:

  • If you want a cocktail with no ice, you say:

  • Do you take card? Yeah. Keep it open? Yes.

  • When you pay with credit card,

  • the bartender will ask

  • That means you'll pay at the end of the night

  • And my card? You said keep it open.

  • When you start a tab,

  • the bartender will hold your credit card

  • until you're finished drinking

  • so don't panic if he does not give your card back when you say start a tab

This week, we're happy to introduce the newest member of the NET team.

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How to Order a Drink | Learn English with Funny Videos | Native English Teacher .NET

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