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  • This Valentine’s Day,

  • revisit the film that reminds you that no matter how much you love each other

  • youre both gonna grow old and die.

  • The Notebook.

  • From sappy author Nicholas Sparks, comes the timeless romance that paved the way for millions

  • of people to form unrealistic expectations of their real-life relationships.

  • Meet Allie, an attractive, wealthy, Southern Belle who’s biggest problem is that everyone adores her.

  • Meet Noah, a poor country boy who’s entire family is dead.

  • When these two find each other, hell criticize her for being a pushover, and then constantly tell her what to do.

  • "Get in the water! Get in!"

  • And shell abandon him on numerous occasions.

  • Together theyll be so indecisive, youll wonder why theyre even trying.

  • "I love you."

  • "I love him!"

  • "I hate you! I hate you!"

  • "I love him!"

  • "Now I hate you!"

  • "I need you to tell him that I love him."

  • "If you leave here, I hate you."

  • "Do you guys love each other?"

  • "Look at us: we're already fighting!"

  • "Well, that's what we do!"

  • A love. that taught an entire generation of women, that it's perfectly okay to string

  • along a sweet, handsome, supportive guy,

  • as long as youre able to satisfy your every impulsive desire.

  • A movie so generic, yet inexplicably popular, it’s basically the Olive Garden of Love Stories.

  • And a romance that will make nagging girlfriends askWhy aren’t you more like Ryan Gosling?”

  • Prompting all boyfriends to ask: “Can we please watch Die Hard?

  • Prepare to relive the bad driving,

  • the violence,

  • the shirtless-ness,

  • the red dresses,

  • the more shirtless-ness,

  • the horrible slurping,

  • and the death of feminism.

  • Starring...

  • Perfection

  • Rachel McAdam’s Apple

  • Newsies

  • Julia Stiles

  • Joseph Stalin

  • Fancy Cyclops

  • James Garnish

  • and... an old lady

  • The Movie Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch

  • So wait, he wrote hundreds of letters, but couldn’t just call her once?

  • Ugh could have saved me 2 hours.

  • Thanks for watching!

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  • to see next.

  • And tell me what words you'd like to hear me say in my epic movie trailer voice.

This Valentine’s Day,

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