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  • A moment ago, we made this volunteer believe she's sunk a pair of blindfolded free throws.

  • When earlier, with no blindfold, she missed ten in a row.

  • How will she do her second time at the line, now that she thinks she nailed those blindfolded buckets?

  • Oh, close! So close, so close, that's number one.

  • All right, keep it going, keep it going. Oh!

  • She's definitely getting closer, but no baskets yet.

  • You got this, you got this, you got this.

  • Ohhh, yes!

  • All you!

  • Oh, oh oh! Yes!

  • Wow, by making her think she sank those blindfolded shots, and by cheering and giving her positive reinforcement, it's almost like we hacked her self-confidence and got her to believe more in her natural abilities.

  • In fact, out of ten shots, this time around, she ended up making four.

  • Quite an improvement!

  • But what if one of our volunteers was already good at basketball?

  • Woah, this guy's got game.

  • He made a whopping nine shots from the line.

  • Think there's anything we can do to make him worse?

  • Ok, so let's have you take one shot. All right?

  • - You think he can do it, guys? - No...

  • All right Josh, let's give it a shot. Three, two, one...

  • Not quite, not quite, but it's all right, let him try a second time.

  • - It's a tough one, all right. - Wow. - Let's give it a shot Josh.

  • All right, all right, well look, the man, the man is blind.

  • Ok, let's go ahead and take off the blindfold.

  • - So listen, it wasn't as easy as we thought, but let's have you do your ten throws again without the blindfold. - Okay.

  • Just do your thing, nine out of ten, maybe ten out of ten.

  • Okay, all right, let's see.

  • You guys, uh, he's got his endgame on? (boos)

  • Come on Josh, woah.

  • All right Josh, you got this man, you got this.

  • (boos)

  • All right that's two.

  • Remember, this guy made nine free throws earlier, but now, it looks like the crowd's negative reinforcement is throwing him off his game.

  • (more boos)

  • Wow, wow...

A moment ago, we made this volunteer believe she's sunk a pair of blindfolded free throws.

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