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  • This episode of Shot Mechanics is brought to you by Krossover Intelligence. SImply upload

  • your game footage and have the Krossover professionals break down the different plays in the game.

  • They will even make you a highlight tape with the clips you chose. So go check out Krossover.

  • the revolutionary game breakdown system. Hi I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot

  • and Hoop and today we are going to learn Kobe Bryant's signature fadeaway.

  • Now Kobe Bryant has the best fadeaway of all time. We are going to break down just a few

  • of the key points that will help you hit the fadeaway just like Kobe. And if you want to

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  • a little business out of the way let's check out the Kobe Bryant Fadeaway. Kobe Bryant

  • Fadeaway is brought to you by They have the Shot Mechanics stamp of approval.

  • Now there are a bunch of different ways that Kobe gets into his fadeaway so we are going

  • to focus on everything after the footwork. So the move begins before he even jumps away

  • from his defender. Check out how early Kobe Bryant locks his eyes on his target. He knows

  • that the longer he aims the more accurate his shot is going to be so he finds it really

  • early. Next Kobe Bryant jumps away from the defender he makes sure his shooting elbow,

  • shoulder, and hip are all aligned with the basket. This ensures that the ball will fly

  • straight towards the basket. Even if he can't initially get his hip facing the basket he

  • whips his leg around so that way it forces his hips to rotate. And the last thing is

  • you want to make sure you have a higher than normal shot pocket. Check out how Kobe brings

  • the ball higher above his head than normal that way he gets extra separation and can

  • get his shot up quicker before the defender can block it. So keep in mind there are 3

  • main keys you want to remeber when you are doing the Kobe Fadeaway. Kdey #1 you want

  • to lock your eyes on the trget as fast as you possibly can. The longer time you have

  • to aim at a target the more accurate the shot is going to be. Key #2 you want to make sure

  • you have your shooting elbow, shoulder, and hip all in align with the basket. That will

  • make sure the ball flies straight and you don't miss left to right like a lot of people

  • do on their fadeaways. And key #3 you want to move your shot pocket up. Instead of shooting

  • from about your forehead like you normally would now you want to bring it above the top

  • of your head that way you get extra separation from the defender and it's virtually unblock-able.

  • So keep those 3 keys in mind and you are going to be drilling the fadeaway like Kobe in no

  • time. Again I'm Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and Hoop I

  • want to thank you for watching and you guys are awesome.

This episode of Shot Mechanics is brought to you by Krossover Intelligence. SImply upload

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Kobe Bryant Fadeaway: How to Basketball Moves

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