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  • Hi my name is Jabari Pride and we're back with We just got done talking

  • about warming up and what you're going to do with your upper body. Now we're going to

  • talk about what you're going to do with your lower body. Now when you're jogging, just

  • doing like a simple warm up, your lower body, your knees, they're going to come up slightly,

  • but they're not going to come up very high. You're not going to be bringing up your heel

  • up above your knee when you're jogging, because that is more of sprinting technique. When

  • you're jogging it's a very leisurely thing, I mean, you're going to be running to just

  • get your heart racing, get your, you know, the sweat going. You're not really going to

  • be out there trying to break the world record in jogging. So what you want to make sure

  • you do, is you're bringing the knee up, you know, you're going to keep your foot, your

  • ankle at a 90 degree angle. Bring the knee up and just come right below, right actually

  • in front and below you're center of gravity. This is your center of gravity. And you're

  • going to have a slight lean when you?re jogging, because if you just run in place, you're not

  • going to go anywhere. So you want to make sure you have that slight lean and you're

  • bringing the foot up and in front. You're not really, like I said before, you're not

  • bringing the ankle up and above the knee. Just slightly up and front down and then just

  • keep it going. Make sure you keep those arms like I said before at the 45 degree angle,

  • and that's what you do with your lower body. Next we're going to be talking about, we're

  • going to show some clips on what you would do when you are running.

Hi my name is Jabari Pride and we're back with We just got done talking

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Track & Field Tips : Tips on Jogging

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    Tawan Lee posted on 2015/06/17
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