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  • Once you feel happy about committing to that lower ski

  • you might find that top ski wants to come in and be much more parallel.

  • Let it happen.

  • A parallel turn wasn't invented by scientists,

  • if you're doing a good snowplough turn and your body position is working for you

  • the ski will come in parallel.

  • The basics still apply.

  • Keeping those hands in front.

  • Once you've turned and committed to that downhill ski,

  • you can just feel that ski come and drift in.

  • So I'm going to commit to that right foot 0:00:36.940,0:00:40.190 and feel the left ski drift in. Nice and smooth.

  • Don't force it and once its come in parallel

  • don't stand on to it, stay on the downhill ski.

  • We want to fully commit and balance on the downhill ski.

  • If the ski doesn't feel ready to come in, don't force it, wait until it feels ready.

  • If you're having trouble getting that ski to come in parallel

  • don't just keep forcing it,

  • look at your body position.

  • If I twist myself and try to force the turn,

  • I'm going to pull that uphill ski more onto the edge

  • and it's gonna stick.

  • And the harder I pull

  • the more it's going to jam into the snow

  • Keep you body nice and straight,

  • looking for that next turn and it will even help to open that knee

  • and let the ski slide in nice and smooth.

  • Feel the weight come off that ski and open the knee.

  • It shouldn't feel like something you've got to force,

  • it should happen quite naturally.

  • I think that was a really good day.

  • Now you should be feeling those skis coming nicely parallel at the end of the turn

  • and much less strain on the legs.

  • It's really good for you to get a much longer run

  • and have more time to get those turns working.

  • Next time our focus is going to be on keeping those skis parallel

  • from the beginning to the end of the turn, all the way through,

  • picking up the speed slightly and even finding some steeper terrain.

Once you feel happy about committing to that lower ski

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Beginner Ski Lesson #2.3 - Preparing to ski Parallel

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    ray posted on 2015/06/10
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