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  • A good exercise to encourage that commitment to the lower ski

  • we can use our hands and our knees. We're going to get rid of the poles

  • and take both hands and place them

  • on the downhill knee or thigh, in this sort of area

  • Now that's once I've completed that turn

  • So your going to stay on that the leg all the way through that turn

  • until you want to start the next one and then you're going to gently stand up,

  • let the skis start the turn

  • and then go down towards the other one.

  • it's a nice move gradual movement but it's really going to help you commit

  • to that lower ski.

  • Be aware that you want to be in this position

  • and not this position

  • So as you put your hands on that knee let your shoulders go with them.

  • That's a good position.

  • The best way to start this

  • is in your snowplough pointing down hill with the hands in front.

  • Start to slide and then we're going to turn

  • and gently place those hands on that downhill knee

  • Up, neutral onto both skis

  • and then gently down towards that left leg.

  • Up, neutral, both skis,

  • gently down towards the right leg.

  • So don't rush it at all just be nice and smooth.

  • You can see my shoulders over that left leg.

  • Feel the control,

  • gently up onto both, don't rush it

  • and then smoothly down onto that right leg.

  • When you feel comfortable with this try it with the poles

  • but keep your body in the same position.

  • Remember from when we were touching the leg, the feeling of committing to the downhill ski.

  • it's the same feeling here

  • go from one leg, back to both

  • and then over to the next leg.

  • nothing is rushed

  • Keep looking ahead and just feel what the skis are doing.

A good exercise to encourage that commitment to the lower ski

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Beginner Ski Lesson #2.2 - Commitment Exercise

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    ray   posted on 2015/06/10
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