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  • Colin Firth: Good morning!

  • Foxy: An ongoing subject we've had this morning of... about great,

  • sort of, movie and TV characters and, obviously, Mr Darcy has come up as such a romantic character...

  • I can't believe it was nineteen years ago.

  • CF: Yeah, I can believe it, actually...

  • Foxy: Can you? CF: Yeah...

  • Foxy: We've done a lot since.

  • CF: I mean, it does feel like a long time ago. Foxy: We've done an awful lot since!

  • And probably, I should think, the thing that really launched you, worldwide!

  • CF: Well, I feel... I don't know, I can't measure those things.

  • I kept thinking, I've been launched and then something would happen

  • and everyone would say he's been launched

  • and it's as if what had come before had never happened.

  • So, that's happened episodically,

  • which is probably a good thing, really: get a re-launch every so often.

  • Foxy: Well, other people enjoy making the movies and, obviously, that's, you know,

  • where you've made your fantastic living from,

  • but they would also come back and do the west-end stage.

  • CF: Hm...

  • Foxy: We've had a lot of great actors, actually, treading the boards.

  • Would you do that, would you like to be back on the stage?

  • CF: It's... it's been too long, I think, and I would like to, yeah.

  • I don't really... I'd love to do the west-end, I'd love to do Broadway,

  • I... it could be anywhere, really. Erm, but, er...

  • Foxy: But what would you like to do?

  • CF: I don't know yet. Thoughts have come and gone.

  • I've had the conversations, the moment sort of slips away sometimes,

  • but I'm seriously thinking about it now, and I think something small probably,

  • I like small theatres, I like the... you know,

  • the places where you can still do things with a bit of intimacy.

  • The last play I did, which wasage ago now! – was at the Donmar Warehouse...

  • Foxy: OK! Such a great place!

  • CF: It is an absolutely wonderful place and that's...

  • that's the kind of venue I'd be attracted to, I think.

  • Foxy: OK. Well, we'll talk more in just a moment. Colin Firth's our guest, it's 'Magic Breakfast'.

  • Foxy: Right, Magic, we are back with Colin Firth this morning.

  • We are now getting into that crazy season: BAFTAs were announced this week, of course,

  • the BAFTA nominations were announced this week and then, of course,

  • Oscars come and what have you... Do you find it a silly season?

  • CF: There's silliness involved, there's no question about it!

  • It's delightful, er, it's not very, er... it's also stressful, I think,

  • CF: for the people involved in it... Foxy: Is it?

  • CF: Yeah, I mean, in both, the good and the bad.

  • People are excited... they sometimes get a bit too carried away and too excited.

  • Sometimes, I think, one of the nice parts of it is that you are...

  • you find you know most people involved and you run into people... and, er...

  • and it's quite nice, sort of, to take refuge in old friends in amongst all the silliness.

  • Foxy: Having won an Oscar for, obviously, 'The King's Speech', did it make life any easier,

  • going into it, having, sort of, at least you've got one now?

  • CF: Perhaps. I mean, it's... still, I haven't been to too many of them since then, yet,

  • so I don't really have much of a measure of it.

  • I mean, I wasn't going to the show, you know, the awards shows that much beforehand, really.

  • Erm, so, I haven't got very much to compare it to.

  • You're supposed to do it all again and present the year after that and I did enjoy that, actually,

  • because there wasn't any pressure on me: there wasn't... there were no expectations,

  • there was no nomination, there was no edge-ofyour-seat moment,

  • you just, you know, you get up there and handing over the gong to someone else...

  • Foxy: Nice!

  • CF: And there's something quite nice about that.

  • Foxy: If you take 'The Railway Man' out of the equation and just looking at the other...

  • there have been a lot of great films over the last few months,

  • actually, who do you think is gonna end up doing well this year?

  • CF: It's very hard for me to say because I haven't seen enough of the films yet...

  • because I've got children of twelve and ten, so I can talk about 'Despicable Me 2', erm...

  • Foxy: Good, isn't it? CF: Yeah, it's great...

  • CF: You know... so, yeah, I can take you through most kids'... most of the kids' films...

  • Foxy: Yeah, I've got twelve, eleven and seven, so, I'm sure,

  • we've seen all the same movies in the last few years...

  • Colin: an absolute pleasure to have you in! Best of luck with this

  • and I did thoroughly enjoy it, but it was... a warning: if you go and see this film,

  • Foxy: Take some hankies, it's a weepy! CF: It is.

  • [Transcript by DoS, 14 January, 2014.]

Colin Firth: Good morning!

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