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  • Q: So, Klaus is going to be a father.

  • Joseph: Yes he is, yeah.

  • Q: Could you have imagined that when you signed on, and what kind of father

  • do you think he's going to be?

  • Joseph: I absolutely wouldn't in my wildest dreams imagined that they would

  • do that. And it was a wonderful surprise. From the beginning I was behind

  • the idea, because I can see the potential there, you know, for me to

  • explore a whole new side of him and to really kind of, you know, it's

  • giving us something that the Vampire Diaries doesn't have as well, it's

  • really separating ourselves. It's allowing us to kind of become an entity

  • on our own. So that's wonderful. What kind of father will Klaus be? I mean,

  • a domineering one, I would imagine. Strict, but I feel like his loyalty to

  • his family, especially his relationship with his sister, I think it will,

  • we'll see aspects of that with his baby. I would imagine he'll be

  • incredibly possessive, and incredibly protective. I hope he's protective,

  • because that is going to allow me to have some fun with anyone who tries to

  • get in the way of my child or bring harm to my child, you know?

  • Q: Any baby names in mind? Like North Michaelson?

  • Joseph: Do you know what? Believe it or not, this is the first time I've

  • been asked this. I think, you know, he should go for some sort of celebrity

  • baby name like, I don't know, Beetroot Cyborg Michaelson or something, you

  • know, that would be great.

  • Q: It's got possibility.

  • Joseph: Yeah, there you go.

  • Q: Final question really quick. You know, now that you're the protagonist,

  • the star of a show, you came on board as a villain, a hardcore villain.

  • Will there be even more softening of Klaus now that he's kind of at the

  • center of a show? It's kind of hard to have a villain as a center of a

  • show.

  • Joseph: It is. You know, I don't think so. I've read the first two episodes

  • and he does some pretty crazy stuff. I think people root for him because

  • there is those moments of vulnerability and moments of softness, but I

  • think it would be a disservice to the character if he suddenly became the

  • good guy on the show. I feel like he is an antagonist and will always be,

  • you know. And Elijah will be there as his voice of reason, and Rebecca will

  • be there so he can show his love for his family and his protective side and

  • everyone else will be there to show his crazy side, you know?

Q: So, Klaus is going to be a father.

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Joseph Morgan Talks The Originals, Klaus as a Father

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    chloe posted on 2015/06/01
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