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  • Welcome to "Discovery World Safari."

  • On today's episode, the kangaroo.

  • Kangaroos live in Eastern Australia

  • in small groups called troops or herds.

  • However, Australians know them better as mobs.

  • Kangaroos are classified as marsupials.

  • And are in fact the largest of all the marsupial species,

  • standing over 6 feet tall.

  • They are primarily herbivores, with large, powerful hind legs.

  • Their legs can leap to about 30 feet at the time

  • and travel as fast as 30 miles per hour.

  • Perhaps their most famous characteristic

  • is their pouch, which IS A fold of skin

  • that can hold their newborns, known as joeys.

  • Joeys stay in the pouch for 10 months

  • before they leaving, though they do venture

  • out as young as four months old to graze

  • on grass before returning to the pouch.

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Welcome to "Discovery World Safari."

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Kangaroos Can Jump 30 Feet High

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