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  • I would like to reverse suture method blepharoplasty. Any experiences of returning to pre-op conditions?

  • Hi! I just had Asian blepharoplasty done 2 weeks ago, and realized how much I miss my

  • original monolid eyes. I want to get my sutures removed, but I am worried about the results

  • and consequences. Would you mind shedding some light on this for me? It would ease my

  • anxiety so much. Thank you. Does anybody have any experience of their eyes returning to

  • pre-op conditions or something close to it? I had non-incisional (suture method), and

  • it's been 12 days. Please advise, and much appreciated!

  • Thank you for your question!

  • You had Asian eyelid surgery using a suture technique approximately 12 days ago and you

  • are now inquiring about reversal of the surgery and how much you missed your monolid. So you

  • want to know can this be done.

  • Well, looking at your photos, I first ask you to first consider one important factor

  • on why you desire to go back to where you were preoperatively. And I would suspect that

  • you may feel that your eyelid crease is too high. It is very common for people after Asian

  • eyelid surgery to very concerned about an unnatural look or a lid platform that’s

  • too high. And that’s basically because of swelling. By the nature of Asian eyelid surgery,

  • where it’s incisional or excision where removing skin, removing fat, there is a connection

  • that has to be made between the skin and the levator muscle, the muscle that lifts the

  • eyelid. In doing that, there is going to be an expansion of fluid between the eyelid crease

  • and eyelid margin that results in this ballooning effect and makes the eyelid crease go high.

  • So if that a concern, then talking to your doctor who perform the surgery and anticipating

  • that with time, that swelling go down and you will likely have a very natural-looking

  • double fold. Now on the other hand, if you really feel that this something that you absolutely

  • don’t want and youre having a real remorse and you just want to go back to where you

  • were, well, although I don’t have to do this in my practice, I would suggest that

  • it is probably beneficial to do it as soon as possible.

  • The principle of non-incisional eyelid surgery is to through skin openings on the outside

  • of the eyelid to place a suture at critical points to engage the area of the muscle, the

  • levator muscle and the skin, in such a way when you tie the knot, you actually create

  • a fold. Now, that fold is the one that creates the in folding of the skin. We actually do

  • a procedure for creating dimples and in many ways, there are similarities where we create

  • a little pull in the inside of the mouth and create a dimple and fold it inward. So, the

  • same principle applies. So releasing those connections can be done and is probably better

  • to be done sooner rather than later before the formation of scar tissue occurs.

  • So that being said, I think time is of the essence for you and meeting with your doctor

  • and having a discussion of what the realistic results will be when the swelling will resolve

  • versus complete reversal of the surgery and just choose what you are most comfortable

  • with. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!

I would like to reverse suture method blepharoplasty. Any experiences of returning to pre-op conditions?

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Temporary Swelling after Asian Double Eyelid Surgery, and Reversal of Suture Method Procedure

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    Sara Chi   posted on 2015/05/26

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