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  • Why is my eyelid not folding properly after double eyelid surgery?

  • It has been almost 7 weeks since surgery so I strongly believe it is more than a matter

  • of swelling. My right eye is not folding along the stitch line but the left eye is okay.

  • It folds properly where the stitches were. What is wrong with my right eye? Does it seem

  • like I need a reoperation? What are your thoughts? Thanks

  • Thank you for your question!

  • You submitted some photos and you actually marked on those photos areas where the creases

  • were intentionally placed and you have a concern about the infolding and the appearance of

  • the right eye seven weeks after surgery. It is your belief that this is more than just

  • swelling.

  • Well, in evaluating the stability of the eyelid crease, it is important to understand that

  • there are many dynamics that participate in the ultimate outcome of this type of surgery.

  • When you are the 7-week point, there is still some degree of swelling. It may not always

  • be apparent. And I’ll tell you what I tell my patients as this evolves is that the process

  • of fluid absorption related to surgery happens not only at the superficial level when you

  • can see it from the eyelash margin or the eyelid margin or the eyelashes all the way

  • to crease when you see an elevation but also to the deeper levels of the tissue underneath

  • the skin. There is a lot of healing going on and the healing process has several stages

  • and that means that true healing goes on for months and can take up to a year to settle.

  • I think that when you visit your doctor and review your situations or concerns, if your

  • doctor feels that the eyelid is still swollen, then any further enhancement surgery is not

  • likely beneficial when the tissue is swollen. I always explain to my patients that swelling

  • changes the dynamics of the predictability of how you place the tissue when doing surgery.

  • And unless there is a specific indication that requires earlier treatment then it is

  • usually best to allow swelling to resolve to a reasonable level to the point the surgeon

  • feels comfortable about going in and doing something to revise the result. Very often

  • I have seen patients who came in for revision surgery and who had several surgeries done

  • in a very short time frame between the first surgery with the doctor trying their best

  • efforts to try to get the patient happy and unfortunately, with every trauma, there is

  • the potential of scar tissue forming and other issues. More importantly, swelling is a moving

  • target and therefore it changes the dynamic.

  • If there are multiple folds, if the crease is not well delineated, it’s usually something

  • that is amenable to a procedure such as a non-incisional fixation where through the

  • external from the skin side I should say, little openings are made the connection between

  • the eyelid and the levator muscle is created. That’s the principle of most eyelid crease

  • surgery is to create a connection between the skin and levator muscle. If there is fat

  • in the way of the space, then you reduce the fat or shift the fat out of the way in order

  • to create the connection. So if that doesn’t fixate as well because what were counting

  • on when were doing this type of surgery is the body healing where we placed the sutures.

  • If the sutures does a good job and everything looks good, then when the sutures are removed,

  • there is a possibility that the skin can detach a little bit and do not create the crisp nice-looking

  • fold.

  • So my advice to you is not to lose hope, continue communicating with your doctor. I’m sure

  • your doctor will see you at regular visits. In our practice, we see our patients at 1

  • month, 3 months, 6 months and beyond and the doors are always open if they have questions

  • or concerns at any time. Once you have this continuous dialogue and observation and if

  • your doctor takes photos and documents the progress, it might be easier for you to see

  • where things are going and not be so worried at a 7th week point. Surgical healing can

  • take up to a year and swelling can be factor. Not necessarily what you can see in the outside

  • but what is going on in the inside.

  • So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!

Why is my eyelid not folding properly after double eyelid surgery?

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Why Double Eyelid Surgery Swelling can Take Months to Resolve, & Patience before Any Revision

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