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  • Dr. Wahhab: One of the procedures that I perform quite frequently

  • is breast augmentation. Women come to me for various reasons for breast augmentation.

  • Judy: My goal aesthetically was, I knew I wanted

  • to have a breast augmentation and I waited until this point in my life because I was

  • raising kids. The minute they graduated and the minute I sold my house, I literally walked

  • over here and scheduled an appointment for a consultation.

  • Dr. Wahhab: The primary goal is to create, or recreate,

  • a natural looking anatomy that is proportionate with the rest of a woman's body. There are

  • different options for breast augmentation. We can use saline implants, which are basically

  • salt water implants, or silicone implants. Judy:

  • I wanted something that would fit my body that wouldn't be too big, that wouldn't be

  • too small-otherwise what's the point? Dr. Wahhab:

  • I always allow the patient to make the decision on the size of implant they would like to

  • make, but I help guide that process. Because I'm looking at the female anatomy

  • like another woman would, as opposed to the male perspective.

  • Judy: I came to Dr. Wahhab because I knew about

  • her reputation. I felt like if I can go to the best surgeon

  • and that surgeon is a woman, for me that was, felt more comfortable.

  • Dr. Wahhab: One of the things she stresses about her results

  • is that they're natural, they're normal, they look like they were always a part of her body.

  • When she tells people she's had breast augmentation, they're astounded she looks as natural as

  • she does. Judy:

  • When I was sitting in bed recuperating after my surgery, the slogan that I came up with

  • in my head was Beauty from within...body by Wahhab.

Dr. Wahhab: One of the procedures that I perform quite frequently

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