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  • My name is Tommy and this is Click, my mouse.

  • I am VERY curious and have many questions

  • some that even my parents can’t answer.

  • But Click can

  • because she knows the big internet search engines,

  • which tell her all about space, dinosaurs, Spiderman -

  • and even BATTLES between dinosaurs and Spiderman in space!

  • When I want to look for something,

  • I type in my question

  • and get all kinds of information.

  • Most people click on the first link they see

  • that’s why companies pay a lot of money

  • to be in a tiny yellow box on top of all the other search results.

  • Every time Click goes there, the search engine earns cents.

  • When gazillions of people click on these links every day,

  • the search engine earns even more cents

  • than my piggy bank can eat!

  • Click says that to give all these people

  • the information they are looking for,

  • the search engine saves everything on super-storage bins

  • called servers.

  • These servers need energy, which is generated by powerplants.

  • And these powerplants create a gas

  • called ummmm... 2CO? ...oh yeahCO2!

  • In fact, they make more of it than all of the airplanes together!

  • Too much of this gas is making the planet very sick.

  • But there IS someone who can stop the sickness

  • not spiderman or the dinosaursbut TREES!

  • They eat the CO2 to grow up strong

  • and give us clean oxygen

  • which I need to grow up strong.

  • Like every superhero, though,

  • the trees are constantly under threat.

  • Thank goodness that Click told me about a way

  • we can use the INTERNET to help the trees!

  • She said that by using a search engine called Ecosia,

  • we can get the answers to all of our questions,

  • and help the trees at the same time!

  • See, Ecosia donates most of the money it earns

  • to protect the rainforest,

  • where the biggest and most beautiful trees are.

  • You can be a superhero too by using Ecosia

  • and sharing this video with all of your friends!

  • Together, we can use the awesome power of the web

  • to make the Earth well again.

My name is Tommy and this is Click, my mouse.

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Ecosia: Superheroes of the web

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