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  • Hello and welcome to this Bizmates for beginners video series for Japanese business people.

  • And today's phrase is "an acquired taste"

  • It sounds difficult but don't worry, it's not.

  • It's a very useful expression. OK, but first let's do our usual test.

  • OK, so imagine we are colleagues. OK. And I have taken some kind of test.

  • OK, maybe a promotion test. And I say to you, I finally passed the test.

  • I passed! and you want to say congratulations, what do you say?

  • That's right, way to go. Perfect.

  • OK, did you get that? Way to go.

  • I hope so; OK let's go on to today's phrase. an acquired taste

  • What does this mean? OK.

  • Well, let's imagine we have me and my colleague, Taro. OK.

  • And I ask Taro, Taro, you know is natto good?

  • You know it's slimy and sticky. Is it good?

  • And Taro doesn't know how to explain this. hmm.. is it good is it bad?

  • Yeah it's good. So he says, I didn't like it first, but now it's very good.

  • OK, makes sense but it's kind of a long sentence. I didn't like it the first time, but now it taste good.

  • How do we explain this? Well, you could use this phrase.

  • OK so I say, hey Taro, is natto good? Is it delicious?

  • And he says, yeah, it has an acquired taste.

  • Ah I see, so at first it doesn't taste good. But after many times, it tastes good, you like it.

  • That's an acquired taste. OK, let's look at pronunciation.

  • It has anacquired, anacquired taste. It has anacquired taste, you try it.

  • OK one more time with my question. So is natto good?

  • Oh I see, OK well maybe I will not try it then. Actually I like natto a lot.

  • OK, anyway for homework. Next time I will ask you,

  • Hey is natto good? And you say,

  • It has an acquired taste.

  • OK, so please practice this. And we will see you next time.

  • OK, thank you.

Hello and welcome to this Bizmates for beginners video series for Japanese business people.

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Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 41 "an acquired taste"

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