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  • First of all, be true to yourself.

  • Well, you have to understand that, they say a jury convicts you or exonerates you within the first 30 seconds of seeing you.

  • All they do after that is to listen to the things after that to proof what they're already thinking about you.

  • We're in an age now where we no longer shake hands!

  • People are looking at you through your avatar and how you presenting yourself.

  • But you have to be yourself!

  • See, when you're pitching us on Shark Tank and you tell about all this leverage stuff that you have,

  • and why your suit is unfit...and this and that. I know you don't have that.

  • Custom options!

  • Uh-huh............

  • You know what, if you come to my house, be a construction worker, don't show up in a three-peice suit.

  • I want to see you in something greasy and I want you to roll up in a piece of junk car.

  • Because I want to feel like you're a worker.

  • It does not mean that the style has to be elegant, right?

  • If you're about grunge, you're about grunge.

  • Mark Cuban walks around, you know with a T-shirt on.

  • But you know what, if you're a tech-person, you probably are in a room coding for a long period of time.

  • You're propably not wearing the three-piece suit.

  • So when I tell people about style, it's personal style and it has to be true to who you are.

  • Other than that, people will see right through you.

First of all, be true to yourself.

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'Shark Tank' investor Daymond John on how to dress for success

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    VoiceTube posted on 2015/05/17
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