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  • Hello?

  • Hello Allen.

  • This is Chad.

  • I’m sorry to call you at work.

  • But I’m in need of a little help.

  • What’s the trouble?

  • Well, my car just broke down on Highway 3.

  • I can’t find the phone number of the tow truck company and my wife’s cell phone seems to be having trouble.

  • Oh man, that’s terrible.

  • What do you think is wrong?

  • I’m not really sure.

  • The engine seems really hot and there is steam coming out from under the hood.

  • For all the money I spend on this car, it isn’t very reliable!

  • Hmm.

  • Sounds like your car overheated.

  • I think youre right.

  • This is going to be a long day.

  • I will probably miss my appointment this afternoon.

  • Hey, I have an idea.

  • Oh yeah? What’s that?

  • I will ask my boss for a few hours off and come pick you up.

  • As long as I am back before 2:00, it should be no trouble at all.

  • Oh wow, that would be great!

  • Could I also trouble you to find the information of the tow truck company?

  • Sure.

  • I will text the phone number to you right away.

  • Thanks you so much Allen.

  • My car may not be very dependable, but I can always count on you!

  • Thank you!

  • Okay. Bye!

  • Okay. See you!

  • Real friends are dependable.


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