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  • Do you need more room back there?

  • Girl, no. I'm fine.

  • The Big Perks of Being Short.

  • People like to talk about the negatives of being short.

  • Like not being able to see past people.

  • Having a different weather pattern.

  • Hey, how's the weather down there?

  • You're like the perfect height for my arm. So perfect.

  • And being mistaken for a child.

  • (knocking)

  • Hi.

  • Hi, are your parents home?

  • Cool, real cute guys, very cute.

  • But now it's time to cut the small talk, pun intended, and talk about the perks.

  • Is, uh, Quinta anywhere?

  • Quinta?

  • First off, we're the ideal spoon size.

  • Cuddling is a breeze and no one gets hurt.

  • It's also super easy for bae to kiss you on your forehead.

  • It's right there, even when you're wearing heels.

  • Shopping's awesome because your size is usually available.

  • But even if it isn't, there's always the kids' section.

  • I ain't ashamed.

  • Remember how we talked about not being able to see over people before?

  • Well, it's okay because people can see over you.

  • And they'll always let you in front of the crowd.

  • - Excuse me, guys. - Oh yeah, please, right this way.

  • - I'm so sorry. - Oh, thank you.

  • Which also comes in handy when you're taking pictures.

  • Uh, let's get the short people in the front.

  • - Ready guys? - Okay, awesome.

  • And here's something, never underestimate the power of going under somebody's legs.

  • Mm mm, mm mm.

  • Quinta, you can't always do that.

  • Yes, I can! Boom!

  • And don't forget, you're boss at limbo.

  • Don't let anybody take that from you.

  • (cheering)

  • Basically, you win at life

  • So embrace your shortness and share it with the world.

  • That's one more thing that makes you special.

  • Quinta, how you doing?

  • Hey, what's up Patrick?

  • How are you doing?

  • Did you think that little girl was me Patrick?

  • No.

  • I'm so done with you. You're just ridiculous, you know that? So done.

Do you need more room back there?

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9 Perks Of Being Short

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    Precious Annie Liao posted on 2016/04/18
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