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  • Guess it's true, when they say, you become a man

  • When you find the one and you take her hand

  • Luckily for you, it all went to plan

  • And she didn't say no, cause that'd be sad

  • And now you're here with me

  • I'm singing my Best Man's speech

  • For my brother and his wife

  • Now they're stuck together for life

  • When we were kids

  • Trying to get to sleep

  • You'd say to me,

  • Be quiet please

  • I'm trying to get to sleep

  • But every breath you took

  • Used to sound like this

  • So when you moved out of home

  • I thought thank the lord

  • I won't be missing you

  • Then you were gone

  • With your special girl

  • I thought you were dead

  • Never saw you again

  • But now she's found the ignition

  • Got you're sweeping the kitchen

  • Yeah you're feeding the dogs

  • Doing the laundry and dishes

  • You're independence is gone

  • No more fun of your own

  • Except for the bucks last weekend

  • When we were having some fun

  • And although you met on the internet

  • I know this love is true.

  • It's enough

  • to let the dogs on your expensive rug

  • And not kick them outside.

  • Hey my new sister,

  • From another mister,

  • Oh you look so great

  • On your wedding day

  • I hope it's been the perfect day

  • Hey my new sister,

  • Thanks for making him so

  • Happy all the time

  • Because his loneliness had never been a friend of his

  • So he searched and searched for you

  • Then one day in the craziness you came along

  • He couldn't get you out of his head.

  • It was Sarah this

  • And Sarah that

  • Sarah this

  • Oh I knew that he loved you

  • It was Sarah this

  • And Sarah that

  • Sarah this

  • Oh I knew that he loved you.

  • Ok, We're going to get a little bit serious now.

  • So Adrian, now you've become a man

  • And we're not the kids we used to be

  • Although we'd scream and fight as children

  • Now I realize, what you mean to me

  • I'm so proud of you

  • And all you've done for me

  • Whether you realize or not

  • I've always looked up to you

  • It's ok if you're getting emotional

  • It's the same way I feel for you

  • All the time that's gone, where have the years gone?

  • But Adrian, I've got so much love for you

  • So won't you raise your glass ("raise your glasses")

  • For these...for these special two

  • I wish you nothing but the best

  • For your lives and all the rest

  • Because this is love, it's clear to see

  • Oh this is love, it's clear to see

  • So won't you, raise your glasses with me

  • Because this is love it's clear to see

  • I wish you joy, and happiness

  • For eternity.

  • Thank you guys. Have an amazing night.

  • I love you brother!

Guess it's true, when they say, you become a man

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"THE BEST BEST MAN'S SPEECH EVER!" - by Daniel Buccheri

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