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  • Oh, come on. Leave it up to the elf to make a big scene. You’d never see a human doing

  • this.

  • Not many games are as consistent as the LEGO titles. Consistently good, consistently charming...consistently

  • the same. But although there’s certainly a sense ofbeen there, done thatin

  • LEGO Lord of the Rings, it doesn’t stop you from having fun with it. It’s an awesome

  • game, even if youve basically played it before.

  • I mean, it’s like second breakfast.

  • We reviewed the 3DS version of LEGO Lord of the Rings back in November, and the Wii version

  • is actually quite a bit different. Again, the 3DS game isn’t quite as sharp as the

  • console versions...but this Wii version, obviously, doesn’t have the same graphics and polish

  • you’d find on the HD consoles. In fact, this is perhaps the prettiest LEGO game ever

  • on the Xbox 360 and PS3. But on the Wii?

  • do you sayblurryin elvish?

  • Nonetheless, the game still plays great on Wii. Like prior LEGO titles, this one takes

  • a popular franchisein this case, Lord of the Ringsand recreates the entire world

  • with LEGO blocks. Only this time, it’s telling a condensed version of the actual films. That

  • works to its benefit and detriment, because while it’s an interesting approach, it does

  • result in fewer of those creative LEGO liberties.

  • Of course, the problem with these games is that their simplicity has gotten stale, since

  • it’s always pretty much the same thing over and over. That applies to Lord of the Rings,

  • as well. The combat is rudimentary button mashing, and the puzzles are your commonpick

  • the other charactervariety. There’s nothing wrong with mindless fun, which the

  • game certainly is...but it can get a bit old at times.

  • It’s gotten the point that recommending these LEGO games is as easy as it gets. You

  • like Lord of the Rings or prior LEGO games? Youll freaking love this one. But if youve

  • been getting tired of the same old, same old from this franchise...there’s nothing here

  • you haven’t already seen before. LEGO Lord of the Rings can be a lot of fun.

  • But like the One LEGO game pretty much is all you need.

Oh, come on. Leave it up to the elf to make a big scene. You’d never see a human doing

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CGRundertow LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

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