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  • >> ARTHUR: Corillia! I managed to get the Eleventh Eye. Let's get out of here.

  • >> BRITTANY: Would that it were that simple, Noctus.

  • >> BRITTANY: Put the amulet down and step back three paces.

  • >> ARTHUR: The Legion is coming. We must go!

  • >> BRITTANY: You have been compromised. The poison enslaves your mind.

  • (OC) It's true, Noctus. You're beginning to feel light-headed.

  • >> ARTHUR: Corillia! Don't worry. I'm just a little light-headed, that's all.

  • >> BRITTANY: Our true friend Noctus would know that the Eleventh Eye is too important to leave to chance.

  • >> ARTHUR: What, are you gonna attack me? - You force my hand.

  • >> ARTHUR: Am I still in control of my actions?

  • >> EVAN: Have I told you what to do, yet? >> ARTHUR: Right.

  • >> ARTHUR: I'm not one of them, Corillia. Not yet.

  • >> WILL: Oh, shit. What'd I miss? Are we about to fuck up Noctus?

  • >> ARTHUR: What? No! >> BRITTANY: We will if we must for the good of the Noctus we once called friend.

  • >> ARTHUR: Your friend Noctus stands before you.

  • >> WILL: Okay, I shoot him in the face.

  • >> ARTHUR: What? >> WILL: What? You've gone rogue. Biff's gotta take you down.

  • >> WILL: Evan—I shoot Noctus in the face.

  • >> BRITTANY: Will, we don't wanna KILL him.

  • >> WILL: No? Oh. Okay, fair enough. Yeah. I shoot him in the dick.

  • >> ARTHUR: Christ. >> EVAN: Sure you can hit a target that small?

  • >> ARTHUR: Look, I'll bleed out, Will. >> WILL: You don't die from an arrow to the dick!

  • >> ARTHUR: I don't need to be shot at all.

  • >> BRITTANY: Well, come on, Arthur. I mean, we can't be sure that you're not mindslaved.

  • >> EVAN: Keep it in character, please.

  • >> WILL: Oh, fine, yeah yeah yeah. In character, right?

  • >> WILL: Noctus: I am going to shoot you in the dick.

  • - Will! >> WILL: Who's Will? My name's Biff. He's talking crazy! Mindslaved.

  • >> EVAN: Guys, the Legion's still advancing up the hill.

  • >> ARTHUR: Evan, this is why we need a fourth. Like, a cleric or a divine magic user or something.

  • >> BRITTANY: Yeah, I wouldn't mind a fourth player.

  • >> EVAN: Couldn't hurt to expand the group a bit.

  • >> ARTHUR: Ohhh! Ow!

  • >> ARTHUR: Right in the glans!

>> ARTHUR: Corillia! I managed to get the Eleventh Eye. Let's get out of here.

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