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  • Hello and welcome, everyone.

  • Please enable "English -- Chris" captions to read my dialogue

  • and get the website links on your screen.

  • OK? Are we ready?

  • This is Chris from England

  • and this is a short video to give you some news about a few new websites

  • I've created to help you learn English and British English free online

  • and lots of new lessons I'm going to be posting.

  • Please join me using these new resources,

  • participate and invite your friends.

  • Everyone is welcome.

  • The websites I'm going to introduce will appear on your screen with the captions enabled

  • but please check the description on the Youtube page,

  • below the video,

  • where I will post all the links as well.

  • Firstly,

  • and most importantly,

  • please have a listen to my new, free

  • British Accent Podcast series on


  • There are already many podcasts available.

  • They are short -- usually between three and four minutes long

  • on subjects similar to my usual lessons,

  • designed to help you speak with a British accent.

  • You are welcome to download them, too.

  • So please listen to, download, like and share my new British Accent Podcast series.

  • I will share them regularly. You can check them on this section of my website:


  • You may know that I have established a teaching page and group on Facebook

  • to publish material every day

  • including my lessons and videos about British English, slang, idioms, news and more,

  • on the


  • and the Facebook English Language Group:


  • I'm going to post all that free material

  • on my new Learn British English Google+ page, found at this link:


  • Likewise, there is a group on LinkedIn:


  • Please follow on Twitter to get the updates there:


  • The visuals, podcasts and videos will continue being shared on

  • the Tumblr video blog:


  • And everything will be available on my main British English website,

  • so please check it regularly and use it to find any previous lessons:


  • On Youtube, there are already more than 100 free video lessons available

  • so please keep watching them

  • and subscribe for new ones as I'm going to carry on posting more:


  • Those are all the websites I wanted to discuss.

  • Please remember to give the podcasts a try.

  • I'd like to say thanks to everyone for your support and participation.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • Please feel free to contact me with feedback and suggestions.

  • You are welcome to use any of my lessons for your own use

  • and please share them, tell your friends and invite new English learners if you can,

  • that would be grand.

  • Thank you for watching this video.

  • Good luck with everything.

  • My name is Chris, from England, and I send my best wishes to everyone.

  • Take care.

  • I will see you next time.

Hello and welcome, everyone.

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Learn British English: New Free Podcasts and Websites (with captions)

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