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  • The gold Apple Watch is a truly revolutionary product.

  • But its most groundbreaking feature is that it allows you to communicate with unrivalled accuracy that you have $10,000.

  • What sets the gold Apple Watch apart from your average Rolex is that everyone knows exactly how much it costs.

  • People would be like, ho-ly shit.

  • Doesn't that thing cost $10,000?

  • Then they'll know, you have that much money.

  • Apple Watch comes in gold, steel, and aluminium.

  • And because all three are functionally identical, the only difference between them is how much money you make.

  • The Gold Apple Watch saves so much time, if I want to check my net worth for instance, I just look at my wrist.

  • Oh yeah. I'm rich.

  • The Apple Watch gives you a revolutionary new way to communicate with your loved ones.

  • Instead of writing them a text that says how you feel, they can just look at your wrist.

  • And they will know.

  • The gold Apple Watch, the best $10,000 you'll ever spend, until two years from now and you'll need to buy another one.

The gold Apple Watch is a truly revolutionary product.

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Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

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    Ray Du   posted on 2015/04/11
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