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  • Apple on Thursday provided a peek at some of the new features coming to its iPhone later

  • this year. In an event at its Cupertino headquarters, CEO Steve Jobs outlined the upcoming update

  • to its iPhone operating system.

  • Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple "So today, we are giving a developer preview

  • of OS4, iPhone OS4. The next major release of the iPhone operating system. We've been

  • working on this for a while, it's pretty great and we're going to ship it this summer."

  • The new operating system will bring to a wider variety of applications multi-tasking --

  • that's the ability to run more than one application at a time. Apple currently allows multitasking

  • for its own software but the new OS will expand this to third-party apps.

  • That means, for example, that it will be possible for Skype to continue running while you browse

  • the Web, or for a music app to keep playing while you check an online map.

  • Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple "I can just double-click the home button and

  • the window raises up and it shows all the apps that a running. These are all the apps

  • that are running. And I want to go back to mail and I go right back to where I left it."

  • Mail will get upgraded with a unified inbox that pools all incoming messages in a single

  • place, and the iPad's Book Store will appear on the iPhone. For enterprise users a new

  • security function will allow all e-mail, including attachments, to be encrypted with a PIN code,

  • and there's a new social gaming center.

  • Iphone OS 4 will also give developers more tools for putting ads in iPhone apps. The

  • iAd platform system presents a big potential audience, according to Jobs.

  • Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple "Average iPhone user spends over 30 minutes

  • a day running third-party apps. If you put an ad in every 3 minutes, you'd have 10 apps

  • (sic) running during that 10-minute period per user. We will soon have shipped 100 million

  • iPhones and iPod touches. That will happen sometime this summer. 100 million times 10

  • is a billion ads impressions per day from the iPhone and iPod Touch community."

  • Iphone OS 4 will be available from the middle of the year for the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS

  • and iPod Touch models sold from mid-2009 will support all features while older models will

  • have limited support. It should be available for the iPad later in the year.

  • With reporting by Stephen Lawson in Cupertino, this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service

Apple on Thursday provided a peek at some of the new features coming to its iPhone later

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Steve Jobs previews iPhone OS 4.0

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    Chris Huang   posted on 2015/03/22
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