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  • -Hi Lucas. - Jim

  • -Hello. -Hi.

  • -Hello. - Hi.

  • Hi. - Hi.

  • Hello. - Hello.

  • Hello. -Hello.

  • -How are you? - Good.

  • -You came for the casting? - Yeah.

  • Ok.

  • I'm sorry. Are you Lathuanian?

  • -Yes. - Perfect! Please can you translate this for me?

  • I'll try, if I ...

  • You'll have to see this? Or you'll...

  • No no no. On my Facebook page, someone wrote it to me. I don't know. A person.

  • Who wrote you this?

  • I got this on my Facebook and I was like how can I understand it?

  • Oh...Do you know this guy?

  • Hmm...

  • Ah... You know this guy?

  • No no. I just came to Lithuania two weeks ago, so...

  • You know...I will not translate it to you. It's very humiliating.

  • Ok?

  • I'm not sure I want to translate it to you.

  • Because it's really...hmm...

  • It's very difficult to say the...

  • Looking in your

  • No!

  • I can't.

  • No.

  • Well, I mean ... There is no useful information for you here.

  • You wanna hear this?

  • Yeah. Because I'd like to know it better you know.

  • Ok. But...

  • Ok.

  • You'll get this really personally or you'll not get this personally?

  • I don't know. You know because I just came to this country two weeks ago.

  • So... - Yeah. This is racist. That is really bad.

  • And I... I don't like this.

  • So...

  • Ok. I'm gonna try to say these words to you.

  • Monkey

  • What are you doing in Lithuania?

  • Go back to Africa.

  • That your smell would be not here.

  • And...

  • If you would not get this, we'll catch you.

  • And...from your slave

  • From your slave skin...

  • We'll make shoes.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Sorry. Don't read it, okay?

  • Just...

  • I'm very sorry.

  • So...I have just no word can say.

  • I'll apologize about that...personally.

  • He's a sort of idiot. Or...I don't know.

-Hi Lucas. - Jim

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Eksperimentas VERTIMAS / Experiment TRANSLATION

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