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  • Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

  • Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to be the best ground smasher in your country.

  • When you're mid, show Zyra who's the real AP master with a Heal-Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo without entering her ring of death.

  • You can have a quickie with this suicidal Tristana with a simple stun-Giga Smash combo.

  • When you're double top, don't hesitate to Stun-Flash-Mini Smash-Ignite combo the enemy to have a quickie with a real woman.

  • When you're solo top, stay in Jax's jump range to bait him near your tower to Stun him and finish the night with a Giga Smash.

  • Don't forget to ward your side of the river to whoop a fuckabish that tries to steal your jungler's blue buff

  • with a Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash-Ignite combo.

  • When you're bot and Vayne surprisingly towerdived to make Olaf buttfuck his turret,

  • follow with a Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo to whoop the enemies.

  • If you want, buttfuck the brush with your jungler until Sona comes out to stun her and get the kill with your megaton hammer.

  • When facing running enemies, bait them by backing off and suddenly Flash-Stun-Giga Smash combo Nunu in his face.

  • If Nunu steal his carry's minion, punish him with a Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo and he'll never play a support ever again.

  • Being an AP Taric is the best because you can heal yourself like a boss instead of recalling to your base.

  • What's more? You can perform a dupe Heal by targeting a minion just before he dies,

  • piss off Caitlyn by preventing her from last hit a minion,

  • heal this minion to make him suffer even more before he dies,

  • heal that minion to make him win the tank fight

  • or simply save your ally from getting killed in a violent fivesome.

  • With your Stun, you can kill a minion from far away,

  • kill a minion close to you,

  • steal a blue buff to piss your ButtFucking Friend off,

  • whoop a dying running Jax or fail to whoop that dying Skarner.

  • With your Mini Smash, you can kill any minions you touch to farm like a boss,

  • clear the entire jungle like no one

  • or simply kill two minions at the same time if you don't know which one to kill first.

  • With your Giga Smash, you can do the same things as the Mini Smash, that is waste it to farm like a boss and clear the entire jungle a second time.

  • But, it's the best to get the last hit on an enemy to piss your entire team off

  • and to gain more attack damage to destroy that turret down.

  • Don't forget to grab Flash to escape any dirty foursome,

  • to engage in a dirty foursome.

  • Not once, but twice if you want to.

  • When making out with Dragon, use all your skills on him to whoop him like a boss and later on,

  • you'll be able to kill him without your team's help

  • and step on a trap for your beloved Blitz, no problem!

  • You can easily Leeroy Jenkins any teamfight to get a kill with your Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo.

  • You should always separate yourself from your ButtFucking Friend and corner any fuckabish to make them buttfuck the wall for a hot threesome.

  • If you're all waiting for a kill,

  • take the first step by doing a Flash-Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo on Sona to have a solo one night stand with that beauty.

  • If some greedy enemies try to steal your blue buff, make them understand that they should never come back ever again.

  • When Skarner grabs someone, stun the prey after the ultimate's gone and Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo him to death.

  • If you want a sure-kill, be sure to attack the enemy while keeping your Mini Smash until he's low enough and enjoy your threesome with Mordkaiser.

  • You can stay here until a squishy enemy appears in your screen to whoop her with a Stun-Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo and run away.

  • Teamfights are the situation where Taric truly shines because you can AOE damage anyone within your Mini Smash-Giga Smash combo's range.

  • Also, you can single target a dying cow with your Mini Smash,

  • get grabbed over many trees and chase after a Riven to kill her with a Flash-Stun combo even when you're lagging really hard.

  • With this champion, killing any support is a piece of cake.

  • And, you can kill any greedy fuckabishes that tries to kill a dying dog instead of running away, no problem!

  • With this champion, you can easily whoop that crying mummy while shielding your ally from a headshot.

  • With this champion, cleaning up the battlefield is easier than working at Burger King.

  • With this champion, smashing an enemy with your megaton hammer is easier than playing Lego Batman.

  • That's it for today, people!

  • Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.

  • Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.

  • Ciaossu!

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...

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