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  • You like my fringe? I like my fringe.

  • Or is it a little widget? I'm waving my fringe flag.

  • Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

  • and a life that you love. And it's Q&A Tuesday , one of my favorite days of the week , because

  • there’s Q’s and there are A’s. And today’s Q comes from Miss Claire and Claire writes:

  • Dear Marie, love your show and your sound, human advice. I don't own a business or anything,

  • I’m only a recent creative writing graduate. I’ve always had piles of passion and drive,

  • but right now I’m working part time as a waitress and feeling very aimless. I love

  • where I’m working and where I’m at in my life, but how do I continue to feel fulfilled

  • and successful outside of what the rest of society deemssuccess’? I.E. big job,

  • big money. I don't need a lot, but I would like to feel fulfilled and accomplished in

  • some way. Thanks for all you do, Claire.”

  • Claire, amazing question. I wanna start off with the good stuff. You said I don't need

  • that much to be happy, I love where I’m working, and I love where I’m at in life.

  • Hallelujah! (Hallelujah~) That is a rare and beautiful thing, so congratulations.

  • Now let’s see if we can help you with the rest.

  • Number one, there is no such thing asonly.” So in your question you wrote I don't own

  • a business or anything, I’m only a creative writing graduate. It sounds like youre

  • holding yourself as less. Here’s something that you need to get. Your work does not equal

  • your worth. Entrepreneurs are not better than non entrepreneurs. And working on Wall Street

  • isn’t better than working as a waitress. There’s no such thing asonlyin anything.

  • Our true worth doesn't come from the work we do, it comes from who we are as human beings.

  • Now, I know sometimes that’s easier said than done, but if you want to be in charge

  • of your happiness you need to remember that.

  • Number two is begin with the end in mind. So you said that you were feeling aimless

  • and this writing exercise, good for a creative writer, is really gonna help you figure out

  • where to set your sights. So it’s based on Stephen Covey’s idea of begin with the

  • end in mind. And when I say end I actually mean the end of your life. So imagine, it’s

  • years from now.

  • It’s your last day on earth and youre thinking back on the journey. What kind of

  • memories do you want to have? What kind of adventures will you have taken? Are there

  • certain places you went, friends you made, and things you did with them?

  • So don't just think about this, actually write it down. I promise, youre gonna uncover

  • some pretty awesome ideas that might just be worth aiming for.

  • Number three, flesh out the details. So you said that you wanna feel fulfilled and accomplished.

  • Well, what exactly does that mean to you? I’d love you to get specific. Does that

  • mean that you write every day? Does it mean that you publish a novel? Would you feel accomplished

  • if you just got up and put on some underwear? I certainly do. I want you to get clear and

  • specific and make sure that you include some things that you can do on a daily basis so

  • every day you get to feel fulfilled and accomplished.

  • Now, before we wrap this up I just want to comment about this whole idea of success.

  • You know, even society can’t clearly define it. For some people success means tons of

  • money and for other people it means doing what you love and some money. And for other

  • people success is all about being with your friends and your family. And still others

  • just wanna do whatever they need to do to have enough time to swim with the dolphins

  • and watch some zombie movies. No matter what it is, it’s important that you define success

  • for you and for me I happen to love Maya Angelou's version, which is this week’s tweetable.

  • Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

  • So remember Claire, the only definition of success that matters is yours. So that was

  • my A to your Q, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for asking. And now I would love to

  • hear from you. What is your definition of success? Paint us a picture in the comments below.

  • Now, as always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at the wonderful land

  • of, so go there and leave a comment now.

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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special

  • gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I can’t wait to see you

  • next time on MarieTV.

You like my fringe? I like my fringe.

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