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  • What's up guys? Coby from Model Pranksters.

  • Today I'll be with Danny Barbosa.

  • Should appearance matter when helping an injured person?

  • Today we're gonna put that to the test. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

  • Oh. Shoot.

  • Oh. Thank you. Thank you,sir.

  • You okay?

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Need helps or not?

  • Oh yeah.

  • Thank you. Thank you.

  • Oh man.

  • Are you alright?

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • You okay? Sure?

  • Yeah, I'm good.

  • Oh thank you!

  • Oh man just right over that sidewalk...

  • Yeah thank you. Thank you.

  • Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • So today we were outside for almost two hours.

  • And the sad truth above it all ? I can tell you right now I felt invisible. People heard me fall. People have saw me fall.

  • And still, they would just stare at me, and make me feel less of a human.

  • It's sad that people rather help a man who seems to have it all, than to help a man that has nothing at all.

  • And the crazy thing about this whole social experiment was that the only person that helped me out when I fell, was another homeless man.

  • This is something that a lot of you guys should think about.

  • Because if you can't change yourself, then this world is only gonna get worse.

  • Make sure you share this if this touched your heart, and make sure a lot of other people see this.

What's up guys? Coby from Model Pranksters.

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Does Appearance Change How People Are Treated?

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    Lily Chou posted on 2015/03/10
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