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  • Are you locked out of your house and can't find a key? We've all been there

  • So let's make a sneaky pipe, and never let this happen again.

  • For this project you'll need a straight PVC pipe, an L pipe

  • a rubber rain collar, some type of adhesive and a PBC cap

  • First, scope out the perimeter of your house for a good place to set up your

  • sneaky hiding spot.

  • Now take some tools and dig a small hole to place the pipe in, so that'll be

  • snug and secure

  • but still reach a flat surface on the wall of your house. Filling that hole with dirt

  • and pack it down solid.

  • Cover up with some leaves or debris if you want. And these next two items will make

  • this look as one with the wall

  • Pack the rain collar and place it directly over the L pipe

  • just like this. As you can see, when this setup is against the flat surface

  • it looks flush in natural. This is key.

  • Tie your house key to some string or yarn

  • you gonna grab some sticky tack and firmly fill the inside of the cap with it

  • to hold the string in place. You can also use super glue for this if you want

  • Give it a few test holes and a hang test to make sure that it doesn't get a fall of

  • when you place it inside you outdoor pipe.

  • Okay, now we're gonna take that sticky tack in the inner ring of the rain collar

  • And this isn't permanent, just in case we ever want to move or set up somewhere else.

  • it'll hold very well if enough pressure is applied. As you can see, we've got a nice

  • ring that's just begging to be applied to the wall. Now secure the L

  • pipe directly onto the main PVC tube.

  • Make sure it's firm and then twist the apparatus in the place

  • and firmly pressed the rain collar into the wall. Now this is the most important step

  • If the collar isn't flush it'll be obvious a decoy unit

  • and people might suspect something. Now let's go ahead and add the cap

  • Make sure it's in their good and grab your key on a cap and screw it in the place.

  • Not too tight though, you'd want to be able to remove it in a pinch

  • Now next time you lose your house key or manage to lock yourself out

  • You can just hop on over the side of your house, pop off the top

  • and turn your key a freedom and sanctuary. Volia. Remember,

  • put your own twist on this. You don't want to look exactly like our scene

  • on the Internet and people would know. We lay the groundwork

  • you lay the pipe. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

Are you locked out of your house and can't find a key? We've all been there

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How to Hide a House Key and Never Get Locked Out Again!

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