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  • It begins with Goku.

  • His death changes everything.

  • Six months later, they awaken.

  • A pair of heartless monsters with no regard for life.

  • These Androids slaughter millions.

  • Only about ten thousand people survive.

  • My mother forms an underground resistance to fight back along with my mentor Gohan, and myself.

  • Together we always find a way.

  • Please, I’ll do anything you want.

  • I love this part.

  • I have money.

  • I’m immortal. What good would your money do me?

  • Weve received a distress call about the Androids sited near Pepper Town,

  • Repeat, the Androids have been sited near Pepper Town. We need you to investigate.

  • Are you ready, Trunks?

  • Yes.

  • Alright, you vermin!

  • Who’s next? How about you? Huh?

  • This is stupid. Would you just kill them already?

  • We spent all that time rounding them up

  • If I kill them all at once, where’s the fun in that?

  • Let’s make them run away.

  • That would be more interesting.

  • I like that. Good idea, 18.

  • Alright you vermin! Go on!

  • Run along!

  • That’s far enough

  • Get out of here! Now!

  • Was that supposed to hurt?

  • We need to buy more time! You attack 18!

  • Kaaaaameeeeehaaaaameeeee

  • Come on! Let’s go!

  • Oh...that takes me back.

  • Father, how did you do this for so long?

  • Thirteen years of fighting these demons.

  • How much longer can I endure?

  • Hey, Mom! What are you working on?

  • Oh, just a side project.

  • How’s it coming along?

  • Bit by bit.

  • I hope it goes well. I have to go train with Gohan, alright? Bye!

  • I hope so too.

  • Hey, Gohan. My father, can you tell me more about him?

  • What was he like?

  • Proud.

  • Of what?

  • Of himself, haha

  • But I think there was more to it than that.

  • TRUNKS: That’s the same thing mom says, and it still doesn’t make sense.

  • How can pride like that be a good thing?

  • Well, maybe someday youll understand, but for now let’s concentrate okay?

  • Next time on Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope

  • I know how you feel, but we are making a difference out there.

  • I need more power!

  • You cannot gain without first suffering the pain of loss.

  • Don’t you think I’ve lost enough already?

  • My friends, my family, everything!

  • What more is there?!

  • You know what, this is dumb!

  • Nothing matters in this world but power.

  • Isn’t it obvious by now? Ugh, I’m sick of this!

  • Like father, like son.

  • Maybe I should have been more strict with him, like you were with me, huh, Mr. Piccolo?

  • What’s it gonna take to tap into his potential?

It begins with Goku.

Subtitles and vocabulary

B1 INT US gohan father pepper town mom hope

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot

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